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Five Things to Know Today

Good morning! Have you had to check your calendar more often to make sure what day it is? Yesterday I thought to myself “time to put out the recycling,” then realized I was two days early. The days can run together when you are being healthy at home, that’s for sure.

What’s also for sure is that the governor’s measured approach continues to stand us in good stead. In yesterday’s update, he announced a companion to Healthy at Home: the “Healthy at Work” initiative, where his administration will work with business groups to lay out guidelines for reopening safely.

I have started a five-part series on some things we need to know and consider as we move through this crisis. It’s under the heading “Dear Kentuckians,” and the first part is up today: Dear Kentuckians – Get these facts straight. Give it a read and let me know what you think.

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Deadliest day yet; ‘Healthy at Work’ announced – 4/21 update
17 new deaths, 177 new cases; administration asking business for plans to reopen safely; testing continues to increase. More details and video in the story. (Forward Kentucky)

‘Vulgar and slanderous lies’: Former Gov. Matt Bevin publicly denies rumors of an affair
Former Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin launched a series of tweets Monday in response to what he calls ‘vulgar and slanderous lies’ about his personal life. (Courier-Journal)

Rand Paul speaks out against $484 billion coronavirus relief package
Sen. Rand Paul once again voiced his opposition to a federal coronavirus relief package on Tuesday. Speaking from the U.S. Senate floor, Paul spoke against a $484 billion stimulus package, saying that Congress’ focus should be on “reopening American commerce.”

“No amount of money — not all the money in China — will save us from ourselves,” Paul said. “Our only hope of rescuing this great country is to reopen the economy. If you print up billions of dollars and give it to people, they’re unlikely to spend it until you end the quarantine.” (Courier-Journal)

Evangelical law firm calls for churches across the US to defy orders and open early
A legal organization representing a Louisville-area church that filed a lawsuit against Gov. Andy Beshear is calling on churches around the country to follow Maryville Baptist’s lead and reopen early next month.

Liberty Counsel, a nonprofit that provides legal assistance in cases involving evangelical causes, has dubbed May 3 as “ReOpen Church Sunday,” according to a news release from the group, and is encouraging churchgoers to fill the pews as they did earlier in April at Maryville Baptist Church in Bullitt County. (Courier-Journal)

New Orleans artist creates perfect print for our times
New Orleans artist Terrance Osborne has created a print that both honors our health care workers and captures their spirit. Take a look. (Forward Kentucky)

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Featured Content on Forward Kentucky

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— News —

[new] Voter registration deadline extended to May 26 – Voter registration has ground to a trickle with the coronavirus crisis, so voter registration is extended. Go to to register! (read)

SCOKY to hear arguments virtually for first time in its history – For the first time in its history, the Kentucky Supreme Court will not hear oral arguments this week from their chambers at the Capitol, but instead through a teleconference. (read)

In-person instruction cancelled for remainder of year – 4/20 update – State crosses 3,000 confirmed cases, 150 deaths; more drive-thru testing starting; nursing homes and LTC facilities still a major concern. (read)

🔥 Lawmakers, state officials condemn threats to Beshear – A post on Facebook on Saturday called for removing Beshear “by any means necessary via the Second Amendment.” Within hours, state constitutional officers and members of the General Assembly began responding to the comment, beginning with Senator Julie Raque Adams. (read)

Democratic challengers surpass Senate Republicans – With almost twice as many seats up, the GOP is facing a number of serious challenges, made worse by the release of first quarter fundraising totals which show Democrats out-raising some of the most vulnerable Republican incumbents in the first three months of this year. (read)

🔥 Your coronavirus check is coming. Your bank can grab it. – Regulators have given banks the green light to use stimulus funds to pay off debts that individuals owe them. Here’s the scoop. (read)

(Most-read story ever) 🔥 C’mon Kentucky – our census rates stink, especially in rural areas. Let’s do better! – Less than half of Kentuckians have completed their census – and it’s even worse in many rural areas. Surely we can get over 50%! (read)


[new] Dear Kentuckians – Get these facts straight – Before we can talk about “reopening,” we need to get some basic facts straight. Here they are. (read)

America is rudderless amid the pandemic – Great presidents are forged in the crucible of great crises. Unfortunately, Donald Trump won’t be joining them in the presidential pantheon. He has failed abysmally to rise to what history will record as the defining test of his presidency. (read)

🔥 Koch Brothers try to use COVID-19 to reawaken Tea Party movement – People are aware that Erika Calihan and her Astroturf group organized a protest at the State Capitol. But these are mere puppets on the string. Where do all the bad ideas in Kentucky derive? Koch Industries, of course. (read)

— Media —

[show] TSOK: Sen. Morgan McGarvey and candidate Shannon Fabert – On The State of Kentucky, we’re joined this week by Senator Morgan McGarvey to share his thoughts on the concluding days of the General Assembly. Then, Shannon Fabert comes on to talk with us about her campaign to win the nomination to face Thomas Massie in the fall. Join us! (watch)

[podcast] Veto overrides, COVID cases, Easter drama, and Glenn Hammond interview – We bring plenty of updates about Kentucky’s ongoing response to the coronavirus and its increasingly political nature. And, our interview this week was with Glenn Hammond, a Democratic candidate for Kentucky Senate from Pikeville. (listen)

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