“At Least Two GOP Senators Dumped Millions in Stock After Closed-Door Coronavirus Briefings”

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This is absolutely despicable.

At least two Republican senators have allegedly abused their power to profit from the current public health crisis.

On January 24, U.S. senators were briefed on the impending coronavirus. Officials warned of how dangerous the coronavirus would be once it reached American soil – and the need to take immediate action to contain the upcoming pandemic.

Instead, GOP Senators Richard Burr and Kelly Loeffler took immediate action to line their pockets – dumping up to $4.8 million in stocks right before the recent market crash – even as they publicly downplayed the risk of the pandemic.

State Democrats and even Fox News personalities are already calling for Burr’s resignation. At the very least, Americans deserve a full accounting of whether and how these senators betrayed the public to line their own pockets at a time of crisis.

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The evidence is clear.

In public, Republicans from Trump, to Burr & Loeffler, to GOP state legislators across the nation ALL denied that any crisis was imminent. Trump called it a “hoax.” Loeffler claimed that Democrats had “misled the American people” by sounding the alarm. Burr said America was “better prepared than ever” to face down coronavirus.

Even now, some GOP state legislators are still blocking bipartisan measures to respond to the crisis and its fallout.

But behind closed doors, Burr & Loeffler were allegedly using their insider knowledge to keep their profits safe, and Burr was using it to keep wealthy donors informed of the truth.

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