It’s Time to Unite

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We know that there are forces out there trying to divide us.  Right vs. Left, Democrats vs. Republicans, Progressives vs. Moderates, Young vs. Old.  A lot of these divisions are based on arbitrary definitions, often used as a cudgel against those who disagree with a certain point of view. These definitions don’t do anything to help save our country.  We are in a fight for America, a battle we need to win before we can repair the damage our country has suffered. There are young moderates and older progressives. There are moderate Democrats and some progressive Republicans. 

Every generation has faced its own struggles and pain.  My parents were born during the Depression. Their liberalism was forged out of a childhood spent during WWII.  I’m a baby boomer. My generation’s beliefs were created by the Vietnam War, the draft, the Civil Rights movement and the assassination of our heroes.  I remember the country before Roe v. Wade, and it was a scary place for women. Today’s younger generations are faced with crippling student loan debt, impossible housing prices and an increasingly damaged and unhealthy planet.  

Now we are facing a global pandemic that threatens us all.  The Trump administration badly mishandled this crisis, at least initially because they were more concerned with their “numbers” than with American lives.  Their negligence has endangered us all. This only highlights the need for all of us to pull together to defeat Republicans in November so that we can once again have real leadership to shepherd our country through this and future crises.

We all will be impacted by the changes the current administration has made and proposed.  Cuts to Social Security and Medicare will make living conditions even harder for people who are dependent on these programs.  The impact of COVID-19 on the national economy is dire, leaving people all over the country without the means to pay their bills.

There is so much work to be done and fighting amongst ourselves only strengthens our opponents.  We should be supporting each other, not blaming each other. We need to make sure that the November election takes place without problems, and that everyone can vote.  A national vote-by-mail campaign is an important step towards saving democracy in these troubled times.

We will be stained for a long time by the specter of children in cages, racists marching unimpeded in our streets and lifetime appointments of unqualified judges.  It will take every one of us to fix the damage caused by this administration.

Each of us, progressives, moderates, people on the left, and those on the right, old, young, Democrats and Republicans, have to work together to win the 2020 election.  We must not only elect a Democratic President but hold the House and elect a Democratic majority in the Senate. This is the way we restore the United States to a country where the law isn’t ignored by our leaders, a country where the administration is filled with qualified, experienced men and women, who know how to deal with disasters.  This will require compromise and understanding. We can be an unstoppable force for good. Let’s worry about policy details once we’ve saved the future.

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Mindy Schwartz is a blogger, life-long political activist, pet nutritionist, wife, daughter, dogmom, DemCast USA Managing Editor and Jew. She is equally proud of all of those roles.

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