Oh, the Difference a Virus Can Make

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Congressman Bill Posey (R-FL8) has created a name for himself as the favorite congressman of the Anti-Vaccine movement. For the past decade he has trumpeted anti-vaxxer propaganda and given those who want to believe it, a congressional platform to spread disproved theories of the link between childhood vaccines and autism and debunked conspiracies of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) cover-ups.

As he told the Orlando Sentinel in August of 2015, “It [the alleged link between vaccines & autism; which has been widely denounced] takes up an enormous amount of time. And brings such criticism… about ‘what an idiot’ I am”.

And now, there is COVID-19.  On March 4, 2020 Congressman Posey signed on to a letter to the President “to express our strong desire for the Administration to prioritize resources to prevent, respond to and treat outbreaks of COVID-19”.  Resources? As in the CDC which Mr. Posey has been demonizing for years? Prevent? As in vaccines which Mr. Posey has been propagating misinformation about and fueling a sense of distrust and fear?  Oh, the Difference a Virus Can Make! 

Members of Congress are responsible for life and death issues that affect all Americans. Each Representative has a duty to use their time wisely to protect and improve the quality of life for all. The business of Congress is serious. We need Congress Members that will treat their obligation with the respect it deserves.

Op-Ed first published in FLORIDA TODAY on March 11, 2020

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