Coronavirus Guide. Mobile training by voice and text.

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Coronavirus safety training now available freely by phone.

How can safety recommendations be shared with hard-to-contact groups in the middle of a pandemic? Technology designed to respond to disasters in developing countries, is now being applied to fight the Coronavirus in America.

Cell-Ed provides a free training course based on content from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). It provides interactive training through phone calls and texts that explain:
* What is Coronavirus (COVID19)?
* Practical advice for how to protect ourselves and others
* How to get more and ongoing updated information

How it works

Students first listen to an introduction to the interactive COVID19 course and text a code to indicate their preferred language. Students listen to lessons on their phones and are texted details while the phone call is still going on. Students text back answers to the questions they are asked on the phone call. This video explains how it work.

Take the course. No smartphone or internet needed!

In English: Call 818-423-5533 and enter 7582# 

En Español: Para estudiar el curso sobre el nuevo coronavirus, siga los pasos a continuación: Llame al 818-423-5533 Ingrese el código PIN 7582#

Solutions without borders

It is hard to reach poor communities in remote, rural areas that don’t have computers or internet access. How can groups with low literacy, speaking different languages be reached quickly and affordably?

Parts of the America resemble developing countries. So it’s no surprise, that many solutions originally designed for overseas also work well in America.

ICTworks™ is a community of international development professionals that apply innovative technologies to improve conditions for underserved communities. It specializes in information and communication technologies (ICT) which can be applied for healthcare, education and economic development. Cell-Ed and other ICT solutions were discussed in a recent ICTworks webinar on responding to the Coronavirus.

A Facebook Messenger bot that answers questions about COVID-19, interactively to share information from the World Health Organization. The initial version focuses on prevention with plans to add more content. Nivi provides a conversational platform lets users ask questions and get with trusted information on health and well-being

World Health Organization (WHO)
An online resource with answers from WHO experts to dozens of commonly asked questions such as: 

What can I do to protect myself and prevent the spread of disease? Should I wear a mask to protect myself? Who is at risk of developing severe illness?

COMPASS was designed by experts at Save the Children provides three COVID-19 modules: Preventative measures (community level); Case management (facility); and Case management (community level).

It defines the scope of each intervention, implementation tips, integration opportunities, indicators, clinical forms, auditing activities, and procurement lists. 


Share the free Cell-Ed Coronavirus Guide.
Let us know of other apps being used to fight the Coronavirus. Thank you!

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