Robert Emmons, Jr. / Chicago Votes’ Jen Dean and Josh Blair

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Every week, Indivisible Chicago Podcast host Tom Moss talks to politicians, newsmakers, academics and activists about resisting the Trump agenda. The ICP is also a great way to keep up with what’s happening in Indivisible Chicago.

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  • 1. Democrats fall in love while Republicans fall in line. If this cliche has ever been true, it certainly hasn’t been true this cycle. We look back on 2016, and the Republican #fail.
  • 2. Robert Emmons, Jr. is running for Congress against Bobby Rush, and he first appeared on the ICP about a year ago. SInce then, he has run a solid campaign with a solid organization, and has racked up a number of endorsements—including from Indivisible Chicago South Side. This week, he checks in one last time before the primary.
  • 3. Young people get a bad rap for not turning out to vote. But it’s not that they don’t care or recognize what’s at stake. Jen Dean and Josh Blair from Chicago Votes ( join to talk about what they’re doing to help young people remove barriers to participation and make their voices heard.

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Each week on the Indivisible Chicago Podcast, host Tom Moss talks to our representatives, newsmakers, activists, scholars, and Indivisible Chicago neighborhood chapter leads to learn more about what is happening in the push-back against the Trump agenda.

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