Let’s Caucus, Colorado!

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Hey, Colorado, who’s ready to caucus on Saturday?!

While we moved this year to a voting presidential primary, our state primary still has a caucus, and it is coming up on Saturday, March 7!

If you’re asking yourself “Why should I caucus?” you are in the right place.

Caucusing connects you with your community, and your local politics. It’s easy for a lot of important issues to get lost in a news cycle, or just not covered at all. Going to your caucus lets you see and take part in what’s happening on a small, local level, and find out what matters to your community!

Caucusing lets you support candidates for various offices that you want to vote for in the primary in June. In Colorado, candidates can caucus or gather signatures (or both) to get on the primary ballot. So, voting for them at the caucus can go a long way toward getting them on the ballot!

Caucusing supports your party and builds movements. That is crucial to reclaiming our democracy, and winning Democratic races all the way down the ballot.

Caucusing is a little different from voting.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Know your polling precinct number. You can find that here.
  2. Know your caucus location. You can search by zip code or precinct number.
  3. Know your candidates! The biggest race this year is the Senate seat. While I think we can all agree that “Not Cory Gardner” is great, we have a pretty stellar and diverse field of candidates running to unseat him. So check them out and decide who you want to support!

The following five candidates for US Senate are participating in Colorado’s caucus:

There are four additional candidates not participating in caucus, but using petition signatures to make the ballot:

(You have the option to support one candidate at caucus, and another by petition, should you want to.)

Okay, so now you know why to caucus. You know how to caucus. So, go caucus! Show up, participate, and show our strength in numbers! Get to know your political community! Support your candidate! Every race matters, and it takes ALL of us to reclaim our democracy.

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