Corona Virus: Is this the real life or another tRump Fantasy?

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@HeartlandMamas unroll  the Corona Virus for you. 

  • What is known and the vast amounts that are unknown. 
  • Are we are the edge of a pandemic or can we prevent it?
  • Gas lighting a Disease or on the road to a cure? 
  • Is the stock market more important than your health?
  • With a gutted CDC and Alex Azar a tRump cronie, lawyer and drug company CEO as our Secretary of Health and Human Services, IF a cure or vaccine is found using the BILLIONS of our tax dollars we will pour into private companies, will Mercenary Capitalism prevail or human health? 
  • Right now we are told that “we may find a cure or vaccine, we are not sure if YOU (the tax payer) can afford it”.  UMMM You know that is OUR tax money at work – right? 
  • By The Way, the last time Mike Pence was put in charge of managing disease, Indiana had a MASSIVE STD outbreak! OMG! 


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