Friday Actions: Party at the Polls! Expand Medicaid and More

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****Actions 2/28/2020****


Party at the Polls
Early voting for the March primaries wraps up on Saturday afternoon, so if you haven’t voted yet, you’re running out of time. But if you want to vote–and have fun with a few like-minded friends–the Raeigh-Apex NAACP is hosting a Party at the Polls event on Friday evening from 5-7 PM at Roberts Park. We’ll have music, food, and drinks, along with plenty of fun people who’ll be willing to help answer questions for new voters. Remember, during early voting, you can walk up, register, and then–boom–vote for all your favorite candidates. We’re expecting Party at the Polls to be a fun time with candidates and local activists mingling with first-time voters. If you have friends who aren’t registered, stop by, have a drink, and then take them to the polls.

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Volunteer to Poll Greet or Canvas
If you’re interested in helping the Democratic Party, you can volunteer to poll greet on election day. I’d also encourage you to poll greet or canvas for individual candidates if you have any that you like. This is especially important for down-ballot races where candidates have fewer resources. Here is the link to the Wake Democrats page, but I’d like to invite candidates and their surrogates to post volunteer opportunities in the comments.If you live in a different county, you can also post your links here.

Wake Democrats:

Volunteer to Act as a Vote Protector
Democracy NC is still recruiting volunteers to serve as Election Protectors. Their Election Protection program is just one more way Democracy North Carolina works to protect the rights of voters. In fact, vote protectors are the last line of defense. Our volunteers assist voters at polling places around the state, ensuring that every eligible voter can successfully cast a ballot. They also serve as the “eyes and ears on the ground”, sounding the alarm and documenting problems if they occur. Remember that as of right now, the voter ID law is indefinitely suspended. No one is required to show ID to vote in the primary.



Oppose Federal Medicaid Spending Caps
[Adapted from 5 Calls] We are still waiting for North Carolina to expand Medicaid. Meanwhile, at the federal level, Trump is paying for his tax cuts for the wealthy by gutting programs that benefit the poor and disabled. On January 30, the Trump administration announced a new initiative to allow states to set limits on federal funding for Medicaid coverage for non-disabled adults. The federal government currently covers a set percentage of states’ Medicaid costs regardless of total spending. Under the new Trump policy, states could apply for a waiver to receive a limited amount of federal Medicaid funding based on how many non-disabled adults they cover. States that adopt the funding cap will be able to modify their Medicaid benefits to cover fewer prescription drugs and eliminate traditional Medicaid benefits, including long-term care and non-emergency medical transportation. The policy would also let states charge higher Medicaid copays.

The proposed capped funding structure has the potential to increase states’ administrative and cause Medicaid funding shortfalls during economic downturns. Healthcare advocates are concerned the plan could reduce Medicaid patients’ access to both clinical services and prescriptions]. Other critics have questioned whether the Trump administration has legal authority to impose federal spending caps without congressional approval.

Research has shown that Medicaid coverage saves lives and that lack of drug coverage prevents people from taking necessary medications. Urge your representatives oppose the Trump administration’s push to impose Medicaid funding caps.


Hi, my name is _________ and I’m a constituent from zip code ____________. I’m calling to urge Rep./Sen. _____________ to oppose the Trump administration’s new Medicaid block grant funding option. The plan will block people from necessary care and make it impossible for states to manage Medicaid budgets during periods of economic turmoil. Thank you.

Federal Contact Numbers:
Thom Tillis: DC: (202) 224-6342
Richard Burr DC: (202) 224-3154
Tim Scott (SC): Washington, DC: 202-224-6121
Lindsey Graham (SC): Washington, DC: 202-224-5972

Originally posted on Indivisible Daily Call to Action.
Re-posted with permission.

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