Tell the University of California: reject religious limits on health care!

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Graphic by Zulfikaralam


Our allies at NARAL Pro-Choice California alerted us that the University of California is affiliated with health systems that prevent delivery of essential reproductive health care services. UC is seeking feedback on this arrangement, but the deadline is this Friday, February 21, so please act now by submitting your comments here! And share this link to our article with your friends so they can also take this important action. Anyone can comment, you don’t need to live in California or have any connection with UC.

What to say – please customize this message:

My name is _____, I live in [town/city/state] and I’m a member of Indivisible East Bay. [If you have an affiliation with the University of California, say what it is.] I’m calling on you to reject religiously imposed limits outlined in this report. The University of California needs to end affiliations that discriminate against women and members of the LGBTQ+ community. 

No one should be denied care because of religious interference. UC is a public healthcare institution and has an obligation to ensure that patients receive appropriate care. You put Californians’ health in real jeopardy by failing to provide this care.


UC Health serves nearly two million patients each year, and is affiliated with a number of health systems statewide for both health care delivery and training for over 14,000 health professionals throughout the UC system – and some of those systems allow religious restrictions against essential reproductive healthcare services. That means that in some circumstances UC medical professionals can’t provide:

  • LGBTQ+ inclusive care
  • abortion care
  • miscarriage management
  • tubal ligation
  • even contraception

No one should be denied care because of religious interference. As a public healthcare institution, UC has an obligation to ensure that patients receive appropriate care. Failure to provide this care is not only wrong, it puts Californians’ health in real jeopardy.

You can read a short summary and provide feedback here; get more background on the Working Group on Comprehensive Access here; and read the full Working Group on Comprehensive Access report here.

Graphic by Zulfikaralam 

Originally posted on Indivisible East Bay. Re-posted with permission.

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