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It going to be a busy week at the Arizona Legislature! We wanted to keep you up to date and ready to act.  Please read the following update from Civic Engagement. 

If you have not already registered with
Right to Speak you can do so here: 

You can’t afford to sit this one out!

“If you want something you have never had, you have to do something you have never done.”
attributed to Thomas Jefferson

We hope your RTS thumb is alive   and well, because it will get a   workout this week. Please see the   Legislature Weekly and events
 below for critical bills and calls to   action.  Remember, it’s important   to enter your RTS before   committees meet. That means   Sunday is the best day to make   your RTS count. 

Go to and get those RTS done!

If you have ever considered attending a committee hearing at the AZ Legislature,
Meet Tuesday, Feb 18, 1:30 pm 
Arizona House of Representatives
1700 W Washington St, Phoenix
2:00 pm Elections Committee, HHR 4

Hosted by ProgressNow Arizona, Indivisible Arizona, and Our Voice, Our Vote Arizona

Attacks against voter’s rights, civil liberties, citizens’ initiatives, immigrant rights, and more are popping up like wicked crabgrass.

The House Elections committee is hearing ANOTHER barrage of bills intended to undermine voting rights & the ballot initiative process. 

We need your help to pack the room & fight back against these bills.

Join us Tuesday at 1:30 pm outside the State House of Representatives.

Click below to read about the bills.

Ballot initiative attacks:

  • HCR 2032 Would impose a “single subject” rule, hugely limiting what ballot initiatives can accomplish
  • HCR 2039 Imposes geographic signature requirements making it nearly impossible to put initiatives on the ballot
  • HCR 2046 Would require every ballot measure to be revoted on every 10 years
  • HCR 2041 Would remove the public’s right to vote for Corporation Commissioners and make the commissioners seats appointments by the Governor with consent of the Senate.

Voter suppression bills

  • HB 2343 Requires voter ID for dropping off early ballots
  • HB 2827 Imposes unnecessary reporting requirements on counties in order to stir up conspiracy theories about voter fraud
  • HB 2304 Imposes unnecessary reporting requirements on counties in order to stir up conspiracy theories about voter fraud

#AZPowerGrab #VotingMattersAZ


Arizona State Capitol
1700 W Washington St, Phoenix
7:30 am – 5 pm

Join LUCHA members at the Arizona State Capitol to meet with with all state legislators and present the 2020 LUCHA Platform that includes the issues that most impact our members and their families.

If not, you’re missing the “Office Hours” our many volunteers host around town. We find a comfy spot in a public location (like a coffee shop), and help anyone who stops by with their Request to Speak actions. If you’re confused by the Legislature’s website, unsure of how to find bills to comment on, or just want some social interaction with your activism, drop in on one of our Office Hours!


PHOENIX: Sunday, Feb 16, 1:30-4 pm
TUCSON: Sunday Feb 16, 2:30 pm
MESA: Sunday, Feb 16, 1:00 pm
SURPRISE, Sunday, Feb 16, 3:00 pm
TUCSON: Monday, Feb 17, 8:30 am
SCOTTSDALE: Monday, Feb 17, 9:00 am
MESA: Monday, Feb 10, 9:30 am

Sponsored by Puente Human Rights Movement
Wednesday Feb 19, 5:30 – 9 pm
Meet at Puente HQ 
1937 W Adams St, Phoenix, and march to Arizona State Fair Grounds (1.4 mile walk). 

Our community comes together to let Trump and his supporters know we will not tolerate his administration’s racist agenda or his hate speech in our state. 

Monday, Feb 17, 2 pm, HHR 1
AZ House of Representatives
1700 W Washington St, Phoenix

Please join the Arizona Association of Gifted & Talented in testifying in favor of HB 2626. If you can’t make it, please register your support on the Request To Speak system (and be sure to mention that you support the amendment to increase funding to $2 million on-going).

Wednesday, Feb 19, 2 pm
Arizona House of Representatives
1700 W Washington St, Phoenix
House Appropriations Committee , HHR1

Join Team SOSAZ as the committee considers HB2898, yet another out-of-state ESA voucher expansion bill that would allow our tax dollars to flow to out-of-state private schools. Wear your SOS red!

AZ taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to subsidize out-of-state private schools and no AZ student should have to leave the state for a good education. AZ tax dollars for AZ schools—PERIOD.

Subscribe to the SOSAZ Legislative Report HERE for information on which bills we are watching, what they mean and how to support or oppose.

MISSING: Arizona Senator

Sunday Feb 23, 2-3 pm
Educare Arizona
1300 N 48th St, Phoenix

It’s been three years since Martha McSally held a public town hall for Arizonans and we’re missing her! Her constituents deserve to ask questions about her record on health care. So we’re hosting a town hall for her alongside Congressman Ruben Gallego.
Hosted by HRC Arizona, Honest Arizona, Indivisible Arizona, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona, Arizona Health Care Voters

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