Millennial Media Row, hosted by Congresswoman Maxine Waters

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A few weeks ago Two Broads Talking Politics was invited by Representative Maxine Waters’ office to participate in the 3rd Annual Millennial Media Row before the State of the Union. It’s a terrible time of year for me to be out of the office, and I’m not actually a millennial, but I couldn’t miss the opportunity.

Sophy wasn’t available, so I was joined at the event by my friends—and friends of the podcast—Anne Midgette and Gaby Goldstein.

The Millennial Media Row is a bit like speed dating, but with US representatives. We sat at a table with our microphones, and reps and their staffers would walk around the room stopping to talk briefly with different media outlets.

I have the very niche and rarely useful skill of being able to identify by sight a good percentage of the Democratic House caucus, and that skill definitely served me well at this event. I didn’t get to talk to every rep in the room, but in the end I was able to talk to eight reps, including Rep. Maxine Waters herself, along with a couple of other special guests. The reps are clearly much more used to interviewing in noisy rooms than I am, as you’ll hear. I sound like I’m shouting, and they sound calm, cool, and collected.

To a one the reps were so gracious and inspirational. I hope you’ll be as inspired listening as I was recording.

And thank you with all my heart to Rep. Maxine Waters and her communications director Rykia Dorsey Craig for inviting us to participate. It was the thrill of a lifetime.

Order of Clips:

  • Rep. Maxine Waters of California
  • Rep. Pramila Jayapal of Washington
  • Rep. Mark Pocan of Wisconsin
  • Rep. Mucarsel-Powell of Florida
  • Rep. Lauren Underwood of Illinois
  • Rep. Kendra Horn of Oklahoma
  • Rep. Jan Schakowsky of Illinois
  • Geri Sanchez Aglipay, the Midwest manager of outreach, education, and policy efforts at Small Business Majority
  • Rep. Gwen Moore of Wisconsin
  • John Ridley, Academy Award winning screenwriters

Our End Credits are read by Sonya Daniel.
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Born on the 4th of July, Kelly has always been a firecracker, leading a revolution of girls sitting at the boys’ lunch table in 2nd grade and founding Young Independents in high school. Since earning her Masters, Kelly has spent the past 15 years as a university administrator. In the fall of 2017, Kelly co-created the Two Broads Talking Politics Podcast with her friend Sophy. As producer and co-host, Kelly quickly built the podcast into a nationally recognized interview show, featuring Democratic candidates, activists, and authors around the country. She lives in Chicago with her husband & two sons.

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