Witness at the Border 1/31/2020

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Photo courtesy of Witness at the Border.

By Josh Rubin

Early Friday morning. Looking out, I can see the ground is wet. The refugees will have to deal with mud this morning, most of them now on the clay-rich banks of the river, off the cement plaza.

We will head for Brownsville airport in a few minutes, to witness planes being loaded with humanity, bound for Central America. The planes will drop off hundreds in a country they do not know, and ask them, in their disorientation, whether they want to take the next step and return to the country they fled. Many will say yes, frightened of the unknown.

We are going a little earlier this morning, hoping to catch the rented buses, driven by CBP officers, arriving. Later today, we will go to the American Consulate in Matamoros to see if a protest rally by Matamorans will materialize. We are saddened by anti-immigrant rumblings in the city, but glad they may be directing their anger toward the US.

We are witnesses. Join us. We need you.

Originally posted at Witness at the Border.
Re-posted with permission.

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