Trial of Donald J. Trump: My Imagined Speech Delivered on the Senate Floor

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A giant flag from the United States of America blowing in the Florida wind. Photo by Sam Howzit. (CC BY 2.0)

For January 2020 Trial

My fellow national and international citizens who are observing this important trial today, my fellow senators and statesman, I will not read for you an exhaustive list of offenses and illegalities evidenced and proven to have been committed by the individual on trial today.  That list has been grievously memorialized by our entire global community.  

Donald J. Trump sits before us awaiting our decision to either allow him to remain in the highest position in our land, taking national measures into his own hands, against advice of even his own appointed officials, and doing so in conflict with the established processes within the structure of our government, or to remove him from office by finding him guilty of committing  these violative actions, these articles of impeachment, as charged.  

Overwhelming evidence has been provided to Congress and now to this Senate body of our government and to the American public as well as countries around the world, that the laws by which we govern ourselves have been flagrantly, numerously and repeatedly broken by the person who holds the office of President of the United States.  

Today’s verdict will prove or disprove to the watching world if indeed ‘no one is above the law’ in America.  And if Donald J. Trump is hereby acquitted, found innocent of these articles of impeachment and allowed to remain in office, the verdict will demonstrate to the world how democracy fails and how a dictatorship is allowed to happen even to a nation claiming to be ‘of the people, by the people, for the people’ and an exemplary role model for civility and cooperation.  It will announce to the world our nation’s hypocrisy in advocating democracy for other countries.  This president’s perpetual violation of his Oath of Office is acted out in ongoing heinous measures carried out day by day that are injurious to our country’s well being, to world order, and to the youth who will inherit the immense undoing.  These derelict actions will either be approved by this Senate vote today and allowed to continue scrambling the wits and consciences on Capitol Hill and the White House, as we have been painfully witnessing, or they will be stopped so that we can reassemble our governmental decency in this country and recover our national dignity in the eyes of the global community, our neighboring countries that we have watched withdraw from us.    It will illustrate whether our Constitution is upheld as our nation’s respected and enforced code of conduct, or just an obsolete pamphlet of no importance.

What I have to say to you is delivered in the form of questions only; questions I believe you will have an answer for when you cast your vote today.  

“Are you going to be the person who makes the choice to allow this individual on trial here before us to continue on a trajectory that has already destroyed so much stability, civility, and so many cooperative relationships among ourselves, people of this nation, and our country among other countries?   Are you going to perpetuate this individual’s actions that have proven over and over to be more than inflammatory, more than disgraceful, more than dishonest and destructive, such that we have seen a parade of officials of honorable stature dissolve into unrecognizable states of being when exposed to this one man’s demolishing nature?  Are you able to acknowledge the growing number of people, not just Americans, who are aghast at how one man can cause such shocking and unending trouble in all areas of his conduct and yet still be allowed to continue this violation of decency day after day for two and a half years already?

  When you go home at night to your families, are you truly okay with what is happening in the Oval Office and all across the spectrum of our government, happening to human beings at our southern border, happening with our dissolving connection to international alliances?  Or are you wondering what happened to you that caused you to breach your own sense of decency in enabling this daily-observable ruination to continue?  

With regards to this vote today, of what are you afraid?  Of whom are you afraid?  Should we not be more than deeply concerned, but instead terrified that our house has been set on fire and we are being told to stay inside where it is safe?  Is not the person holding the match and telling us to stay inside the very someone to fear more than the fire itself, a blaze yet possible to extinguish….or escape?  Is your vote today going to show us who is holding the match?  Will it be you?  Need we all continue being afraid for our country, afraid of what will have happened now, here in this room?  Or are we going to choose to discontinue the panic and chaos of this one person, Donald J. Trump, who has somehow been able to cause so much fear and dissonance?  Can we instead allow the Republican party to muster the integrity commensurate with each and every one of your ‘Oaths of Office’?

My statement I just gave is not a statement, it is an outpouring of questions for you to answer with your vote today.  If an acquittal is the verdict here today, I’ll condense all of these questions into just one word:  “WHY?” 

That is all I have to say your Honor.”

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