If government officials don’t demonstrate professionalism and decency, they can’t guide the nation

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The nation appears to have been swiftly caught up in a domestic migration that moved us away from each other and towards one of the two opposing views about our government.  States, counties, towns, neighborhoods, and families have alienated human connection with regard to opposing views about this administration, to the point of ruined relationships throughout this land.  

If a nation’s government officials hold a ‘representation’ role — a position representing the values of the people — as well as an administrative role, then the example being exhibited would logically be one of demonstrating professionalism and decency in our human behavior.  The example would be showing the importance of being united by mutual respect and self-control in conducting essential encompassing provisions and protections.  It would be an example of upholding the well-being of all people who live here and the health of the environment we share.

Accordingly, the President of the United States daily and consistently would then enact and foster helpful decisions, positive behavior and communication that would exemplify composure, honesty, decency, and sensible decisions that would take into consideration all people in our country.  Without these traits being held by national decision-makers, their ability to guide a nation of people in a positive direction is severely diminished.  What will the other end of the spectrum do to us all, the people who live here and hope for better standards of living? By standards, I mean the conduct with which we relate to and help each other in this place we share.

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