‘Twas the week before Christmas, There’s a vote in the House

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Sign: This Nightmare Must End
Photo by Kelly Therese Pollock

‘Twas the week before Christmas
There’s a vote in the House
“We won’t vote for impeachment”
Republicans grouse.

“When we entered this office
And we swore an oath
‘Twas to our Constitution
Not our president, not both.”

“But we didn’t know then
That with just a tweet,
Our lawless president
Could lose us our seat.”

“We didn’t know then
How hard it would be
To honor our oath
And save our democracy”

“Please vote to impeach”
Americans plead
“Please save our country
From a despot, indeed.”

In the senate sits Mitch
His tight hold on their seats.
He makes it difficult
This vote to impeach.

They swore the same oath
And it wasn’t to Trump.
If they break that oath
In their stocking . . .  coal lump.

They’re of two minds
Save themselves or save us.
We implore all our senators
Please don’t make a fuss.

Just vote to remove,
Let integrity win out.
Let history reward you,
And it will, there’s no doubt.

Please honor our country,
Our values, your vow
With a vote to remove
And let’s do it now.

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