Real-time translation and captioning app to makes sure everyone gets your message

Language barriers shouldn't prevent your message from reaching everyone.

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Photo of Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman

How can videos be translated quickly? Captioned in different languages so people can watch them on mute? New software makes real-time video translation and captioning affordable for even the smallest campaign.


“Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman immigrated from Ukraine. After college, he joined the military. He was sent to Iraq at a time of heavy fighting. He was wounded in a roadside bomb and received a Purple Heart. He speaks Russian and Ukrainian and has served at the U.S. embassies in Ukraine and Russia. He has a master’s degree from Harvard and became a Russian-East European expert at the Pentagon. He served in the Army for two decades and is still active-duty Army.” – NPR

Lt. Col. Vindman recently testified before Congress. You may have missed his moving testimony if you don’t speak English. We tested the service with a twelve second clip of his testimony.

Colonel Alexander Vindman draws applause during congressional hearing testimony: ‘This is America … Here, right matters’

How it works

A source video is first uploaded where it is automatically captioned. The captions can be edited if necessary and are automatically aligned with the right frames in the video. You choose the language(s) to translate the video to and get the translated-captioned video within minutes. The service is affordable and costs a few dollars per video processed.





Don’t let language barriers stifle your message. Learn more about this new software to automatically translate and caption videos.  

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