Impeachment Eve Is More Than A Rally

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After attending countless marches and protests, speaking at several rallies and a few press conferences, I won’t be attending any Impeachment Eve rallies on Tuesday evening.  My nerve-damaged hands and painfully arthritic knees are demanding that I stay out of the cold night air. 

If you can attend one of the rallies, please do.  Go to and search for an event in your area.  There is power in numbers, and it’s a wonderful feeling to be with other people who believe this country is worth saving.

But, if like me, you can’t attend a rally, there is still a lot we can do. 

I plan on calling my congressman tomorrow.  Even though he’s a Democrat, and has already come out for impeachment, it’s important that our representatives hear from their constituents at this important moment in history. If your congressperson is a Republican, then you should let them know that you will be watching how they vote, and that you will remember their vote on Election Day in 2020.  I’m also going to call my senators and let them know that I expect a fair impeachment trial, not a Republican propaganda show.

If you are on Twitter, retweet and amplify the messages from people at the rallies or create your own pro-impeachment tweets.  Use the hashtags #ImpeachmentEve, #NotAboveTheLaw, and #DemCast. If you are on other social media platforms, share the photos and videos from the rallies. No matter what limitations you have, you can still make a difference.

Impeachment Eve is just the beginning.  If a senate impeachment trial happens, it will be important to remind our senators that they represent us, not Donald Trump. And, no matter what happens during the impeachment, there are 323 days until the 2020 election.  It’s going to require all of us to ensure that the election results in the change we need.  If you can, donate to candidates in purple districts.  Flipping the Senate is almost as important as electing a president who isn’t tainted by corruption.  Even if Mitch McConnell wins his Kentucky senate seat again, he can’t be the obstructionist Majority Leader if the Democrats take the senate.

If you can make phone calls, please sign up to do so.  Calling potential voters to make sure they are registered, and have a plan to vote, is one of the most rewarding things an activist can do.  One of my fondest memories is calling swing state voters on Election Day in 2008.  I spoke to so many older people of color who were beyond excited to be voting for Obama, and lots of first-time voters who were thrilled to be casting their ballot for such an historic candidate.

Writing out postcards to legislators and voters is also a great way to make a difference.  Anything you can do to make a voter stop and think is important. If, like me, you are fortunate enough to live in a blue state, contact activists in a red state and see how you can help them. 

Having a successful impeachment vote, a fair impeachment trial, and a victorious 2020 election will take all of us, no matter how able or disabled we may be. Our future depends on what we all do now.

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  1. Great piece with some basic honorable ways to be involved. The times we are in right now require us all to be active participants,

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