Send an Avalanche of Postcards to GOP Senators to Impeach

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Are you feeling frustrated about the prospects for impeachment?

Do you wish you could “do something”?


As you know, two thirds of the Senators have to vote to impeach the President, which means convincing 20 Republican Senators to do the right thing. It’s a tall order but, as our POTUS once famously said, what have we got to lose?

This is the plan (see link for postcard ideas and addresses):

  • Buy or make postcards
  • Write to as many Republican Senators as you can, urging them to do the right thing and impeach Trump
  • Mail them between now and year-end (35 cent stamps)

That’s it!

Imagine if thousands of people around the country did this in the same timeframe! Have a postcard party. Ask your kids to write.

Please share with your own network as well. Take pictures of your postcards and share on social media! Tag #DemCast so we know to retweet you!

Let’s do this!

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Emily D is with Postcards for America - California.

ACTION: We write to our own state Senator and state Assembly member on postcards. (#postcardsforAmerica)
Let YOUR California State Senator & California State Assembly Member know your STATE of mind!

Write them about your concerns & about Suggested Topics that we will keep updated here. This will remind them they are Representing us and let them know that we are watching!

This WILL make a difference!

Postcard about Equality, Climate Change, Equal Rights for All, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, gun sense, Vulnerable Minorities, Marriage Equality, Healthcare or any topics that concern you!

Republican or Democratic? Doesn’t matter. They both need to get these postcards from all over our wonderful state.

Let's keep reminding our California Senators and Assembly Members that they are representing us and that THEIR voter/constituents are watching!

Together WE WILL make a difference!


  1. I like the sound of THIS idea! I’ve always heard that the MoC only listen to their OWN voters! Will this really work?!!

  2. I’d like to speak to your website about something. Can you make two-sided postcards with the senators addresses preprinted on them, so we don’t have to hand address them? And maybe preprinted messages we could choose from? So all we have to do is sign them?

    I would very much like to ORDER these things instead of hand writing all of these cards

  3. This is a great idea. On my Senator’s web site is a notice “Postal mail to the Senate is significantly delayed due to the security procedures in place to screen incoming letters.” I don’t know what signficantly delayed means, but I wonder if it’s better to send to their home state offices. Anyone have any ideas about that? Would you be able to post a list of home office addresses?

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