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Dogs and batons were used to stop voters in Selma. The dogs are gone, but voter suppression is still here, more widespread than ever. Most people aren’t even aware how their right to vote is being stolen.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

The Dirty Tricks Game is a fun way to engage people on the many devious ways politicians use to deny them their right to vote. Players are directed to resources to learn how to push back to protect their rights.

Players compete for their election by hook and by crook. They must choose between running a clean campaign or resorting to dirty tricks to suppress the vote to defeat their opponent. The Game costs $25, with all profits going to groups fighting for voter rights. Or people can print their own version of the Game from the internet for free. Leave no voter behind!

Please support the Dirty Tricks Game KickStarter campaign  with just $1 or more, and tell others about it too. Thank you!


We learnt how dogs and batons were used to prevent African Americans from voting on a visit to the National Voting Rights Museum in Selma. We saw how people were hung for just trying to vote at the “Lynching Museum” in Montgomery. Hundreds of cases of voter suppression were reported through our “See Something, Say Something” app during the 2018 midterms. Voter suppression is still here, more potent than ever. 

This inspired DemLabs to create the Dirty Tricks Game.


The Game is a fun way to educate voters about the menace of voter suppression while it entertains them. Players learn how to quickly spot dirty tricks, push back and also raises funds for groups fighting for voting rights.The issue is serious, but the game is playful.

All profits go to groups including Common CauseVoter Participation CenterFair CountVoteRidersMake The RoadCenter For Common Ground and Black Voters Matter.

Two or more players attempt to be the first to get 270 votes and to cross the finish line. Random events, just like in a real campaign can give a campaign a boost or set them back. Players draw cards that simulate campaign events which decide how many steps they move forward or back.

Each player also has dirty tricks cards that they can use to hurt a rival’s progress by suppressing their supporters’ votes. A winning campaign can suddenly be upset and the election stolen by someone playing dirty tricks.

Got lemonade?

The Dirty Tricks game is a fun, non-partisan way to engage people on how voter suppression is strangling American democracy. Please support our Kickstarter campaign. Thank you!

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