Common-sense red-flag laws, magazine limits, background checks are not anti-Second Amendment — they’re pro-life

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I wonder, as I watch county after county pass “Second Amendment sanctuary” verbiage, if people don’t remember the heaping of ashes and rending of garments a few years ago after the murder of a beloved teacher, her son and her mother, by a husband against whom she had a restraining order. At the time her county’s sheriff said, “A protective order, and a law, is only as good as the paper it’s written on and the people who wish to abide by it.”

But a red-flag law and a sheriff willing to enforce it would have prevented that tragedy. If an obviously abusive husband had not had access to firearms, he could not have shot five people that day.

Common-sense gun laws, like red-flag laws, like magazine limits, like universal background checks, are not anti-Second Amendment but pro-life. As the sheriffs, county commissions and others have spoken against common-sense gun laws, it becomes obvious that they would rather pick up the bodies than enforce the law.

Originally posted on the Bristol Herald Courier.
Re-posted with permission.

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