2019 Elections: The Big Results

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The election results from last night will still be rolling in for a while, but here’s a look at some of the key wins that we know about:


🔹In the biggest win of the night, Democrat Andy Beshear won the governor’s race, defeating Matt Bevin! Recall that Trump held a rally for Bevin the night before the election. One thing for sure, Mitch McConnell is none too happy about these results.

🔹Unfortunately, the Democrats lost the other big statewide races (Republicans flipped both the Attorney General and Secretary of State.)


🔹The Virginia Democrats were 2 seats away from a majority in both the state Senate and the state House. Last night, we got the flips we needed and now have taken control of the legislature! The Senate is now 21-19 and the House is 54-46 for the Democrats.

VA flip.jpg

🔹Another win that feels good: Democrat Ann Wheeler ousted Republican Cory Stewart from his seat on the Prince William Board of County Supervisors. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because he is a confederate flag-loving, alt-right supporting politician who tried (and failed) to win Senator Tim Kaine’s seat last election. 

🔹In another race in Prince William County, the incumbent sheriff was defeated by Joshua King, who campaigned on ending the county’s contract with ICE.

🔹And then there was this race:


🔹Ballot counting was really slow last night, but it appears Republican Tate Reeves appears to have won the governors race.

🔹Republicans also flipped the Attorney General position. It appears that turnout was really, really low in Mississippi last night. A gentle reminder that when turnout is high, Democrats generally win.

And Other Races

🔹Columbus, Indiana: The hometown of VP Mike Pence, the Democrats took control of the City Council. This hasn’t happened in 38 years.

🔹Wichita, Kansas: In a crazy race for mayor, the Democrat won. How you ask? Well, the Republican who narrowly lost the primary mounted a write-in campaign and ended up getting a ton of votes. Ultimately, the Democrat won with 46% of the vote, the Republican primary winner took 36%, and the write-in campaign took a whopping 18%.

🔹Pennsylvania: The Democrats made history last night, sweeping the three open seats to take full control of the Delaware County Council (5-0). This area has long been a GOP stronghold, and is yet another loss for Republicans in the Philly suburbs.

🔹New York: New York City has adopted ranked-choice voting (also known as instant-runoff voting) for all primaries and special elections, starting in 2021.

🔹Missouri: Democrats won a special election in House district 99. Congrats to Trish Gunby!

🔹And special for me as I did some outreach for their campaigns through Open Progress: Congrats to Aaron Wolff for winning his City Council seat in Holly Springs, NC and to Lance Munger for winning his Commissioner’s seat in Huntersville, NC!

Thanks to everyone everywhere who voted! Thank you for participating in our democracy and having your voice heard!


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