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Dear Racist:

I feel your pain. It must suck to be trapped in a world where other people ruin your life. Where you feel so angry and justified to hate on, well, anyone not like you. It’s crazy how many people are to blame for your lot in life. How dare they interfere with your right to discriminate? How awful it must be to live in a world where only your own kind understands what it’s like to deal with the injustices you face. This restricted point of view of what’s possible must be incredibly challenging.

But if you learn one thing, learn this. Your hate. Your behavior. Your demonization. Your violence will never make what you despise go away. It’s been tried for centuries. It always fails, because hate cannot sustain itself. It implodes. You may think you’re victorious, and that might be true in moments, but it will never be enough to satisfy you.

One day you may realize that hating only creates more of that which you hate. You empower those you want to destroy. You enlist others to support them. You ensure your own demise. Because at the end of the day what you lust for most is acceptance, and you sabotage your quest with each insult you hurl.

Outlawing abortion won’t make it go away. Violating women won’t suppress their voice. Deporting people won’t make them yield to your power. Building a wall only ensures its removal. Your hate makes you impotent. It robs you of everything you seek. It’s a beast that needs to be fed until it consumes you. But you’re smart. You know that. And you dismiss these words with that laugh of yours that reeks of longing.

So if you ever have your fill of loathing, discrimination, intolerance, and violence, please know there is a way out. And that way will stop the torment. That way will sustain you without condition. That way will finally give you what you’ve been pushing against. You’re beating your head against a wall of your own manufacturing. But hey it’s there. Until you decide it’s not.

If there’s one thing America is about it is perseverance. We fight for what’s just. And when we join together as a people, we are committed to the common good. You can keep your biased-infused blanket to keep you warm, but it will not comfort you in the end. America still wants what’s good for you too, and that is why your struggle is futile. Your cause will never triumph, because at the end of the day, you don’t know how to live in a world without prejudice.

Consider that. Or not. You are your own peril.

Your Self

Originally posted on Medium. Re-posted with permission.

Natasha is a writer, speaker, and TV dork. She’s the author of “The Privilege of Watching My Mother Die.”

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