Congressional Republican Retirements and How Democrats Can Flip Those Seats

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by Julie Frontera

Record number of GOP Retirements!
(20 & counting…)

Incumbents win 90% of the time. 
With these gone, there are #NoSafeSeats 

Below are all the Democratic Candidates for those seats! Support them!


GOP Rep. Bradley Byrne is leaving Alabama District 1  

Democratic Candidates for #AL1 are:


GOP Rep. Martha Roby is leaving!
BUT, there are no Democratic Candidates (YET) for that seat!

The deadline to file to run is NOVEMBER 8, 2019!
Who’s in?
How to run for office in Alabama


GOP Rep. Paul Cook is leaving California District 8  

Democratic Candidate for # CA8 is:


GOP Rep. Francis Rooney is leaving Florida District 19

Democratic Candidate for #FL19 is:

  • Cindy Banyai, Ph.D., Organizational Development Executive & College Professor


GOP Rep. Rob Woodall is leaving Georgia District 7

Democratic Candidates for #GA7 are:


GOP Rep. John Shimkus is leaving Illinois District 15.

Democratic Candidates for #IL15 are:


GOP Rep. Susan Brooks is leaving Indiana District 5.

Democratic Candidates for #IN5 are:


GOP Rep. Roger Marshall is leaving Kansas District 1.

Democratic Candidates for #KS1 are:


GOP Rep. Paul Mitchell is leaving Michigan District 10.

Democratic Candidates for #MI10 are:


GOP Rep. Greg Gianforte is leaving office.

Democratic Candidates for Congress in MONTANA are:


GOP Incumbent Chris Collins is leaving New York District 27

Democratic Candidate for #NY27 is:


GOP Rep. Mike Conaway is leaving Texas District 11.

Democratic Candidate for #TX11 is:


GOP Rep. Mac Thornberry is leaving Texas District 13.

Democratic Candidate for #TX13 is:

  • Greg Sagan, Retired Business Consultant & Vietnam War Veteran


GOP Rep. Bill Flores is leaving Texas District 17.

Democratic Candidate for #TX17 is:


GOP Rep. Pete Olson is leaving Texas District 22.

Democratic Candidates for #TX22 are:


GOP Rep. Will Hurd is leaving Texas District 23. 

Democratic Candidates for #TX23


GOP Rep.Ken Marchant is leaving Texas District 24.

Democratic Candidates for #TX24 are:


UT1 GOP Rep. Rob Bishop is leaving Utah District 1.

Democratic Candidates for #UT1 are:


WI05 GOP Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner is leaving Wisconsin District 5.

Democratic Candidate for #WI5 is:


GOP Incumbent Rep.Sean Duffy is leaving Wisconsin District 7.

Democratic Candidates for #WI7 are:


  1. Brooks (R), IN5 Susan Brooks June 14, 2019 
  2. Woodall (R), GA7 Rob Woodall 7th February 7, 2019 
  3. Byrne (R), AL1 Bradley Byrne 1st February 20, 2019 
  4. Gianforte (R), MT Greg Gianforte Repub June 6, 2019
  5. Mitchell (R), MI10 Paul Mitchell 10th July 24, 2019 
  6. Olson (R), TX22 Pete Olson July 25, 2019 
  7. Roby (R), AL2 Martha Roby July 26, 2019 
  8. Bishop, Rob (R), UT1  Rob Bishop 1st August 25, 2017
  9. Conaway (R), TX11 Mike Conaway 11th July 30, 2019 
  10. Hurd (R), TX23 Will Hurd 23rd August 1, 2019 
  11. Marchant (R), TX24 Kenny Marchant August 5, 2019 
  12. *Duffy (R), WI7 Sean Duffy September 23, 2019
  13. Shimkus (R), IL15 John Shimkus August 30, 2019
  14. Flores (R), TX17 Bill Flores September 4, 2019 
  15. Sensenbrenner (R), WI5 Jim Sensenbrenner September 4, 2019
  16. Marshall (R), KS1 Roger Marshall September 7, 2019 
  17. Cook (R), CA8 Paul Cook September 17, 2019
  18. Thornberry (R), TX13 Mac Thornberry September 30, 2019
  19. Collins, Chris (R), NY27
  20. Francis Rooney (R) FL19 October 19, 2019


  1. NY15 Jose Serrano Democratic New York’s 15th March 25, 2019
  2. IA2 Dave Loebsack Democratic Party Democratic Iowa’s 2nd April 12, 2019 
  3. NM3 Ben Ray Lujan Democratic Party Democratic New Mexico’s 3rd April 1, 2019 
  4. CA53 Susan Davis Democratic Party Democratic California’s 53rd September 4, 2019 
  5. MA4 Joseph Kennedy III Democratic Party Democratic Massachusetts’ 4th September 21, 2019
  6. NY17 Nita Lowey Democratic Party Democratic New York’s 17th October 10, 2019 
  7. MD7 Elijah Cummings (D), MD

*Congressional incumbents who left office early or announced resignations.

  • Tom Marino Republican Pennsylvania’s 12th January 23, 2019  (Replace by Fred Keller – R in May 2019)
  • Walter B. Jones[1] Republican North Carolina’s 3rd February 10, 2019 (Replace by Greg Murphy-R)
  • Sean Duffy Republican Wisconsin’ 7th September 23, 2019. Special Election (TBD).


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