Red States Showing Support for Impeachment and the Rule of Law

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Activists have been building networks, honing rapid response capabilities and creating a coalition during the Trump era, which is now going on three years.

This past week, all of that connectivity has been put to the test. And “The Resistance” is strong. It was forged from fear, but built upon mutual respect, hard work and a sense of community.

When the RNC and the Trump Victory Fund launched attacks on freshman Democrats who taken a stance for the Rule of Law and upholding their constitutional duties, it was incumbent on us to stand up for these people that we worked so hard to elect.

And today, on a blustery, windy day in front of Congressman Ben McAdams’ (UT-04) office, we did just that. When local activists received word that Congressman McAdams was being targeted, we knew we had to act quick. We had less than 36 hours to plan a counter protest to show our support to McAdams. Between the local Indivisible chapter, the DCCC, the Impeach Now coalition and Stand Up Republic, over a 100 people turned up on effectively a moment’s notice.

We were met with about 25 Trump Supporters, and things quickly became tense. Chants of “lock them up,” rang out. We were called traitors, racists and anti-semitic. There were verbal confrontations, and some very tense moments. The MAGA folks offered conspiracy theories: McAdams broke the law, Biden should be locked up for corruption, etc. This was the first time that I have personally witnessed this in person, and I was taken aback by the amount of anger that I saw in them.

The goal of today was not to engage, but to support our front line Democrats and things quickly got back on track. We drowned out the Trump supporters with chants of “no one is above the law,” “Ben works for us,” “show us what Democracy looks like,” and of course, the crowd favorite, “Donald Trump has got to go.”

Utah is not the only state that has turned out to show support for our Democrats taking the full heat. Matt Gaetz was holding a Stop the Madness rally in front of Charlie Crist’s office, but due to the sheer number of people that turned up in support of Crist, Gaetz canceled an hour before his appearance.

Georgia has been busy as well, first rallying in support of Lucy MacBath,  then heading  over to Hank Johnson’s office for a town hall.

There are several more Stop the Madness rallies planned, but we will counter every one.

Now, more than ever, we cannot be silenced. We cannot back down; we must stay engaged.  History one day will judge our actions, but more importantly we will judge ourselves.

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