🚨 MUST WATCH: ‘Suppressed’ Film Exposes America’s Voting Rights Crisis

You can't effectively fight against something that you don't understand. Learn how voices in communities of color are being intentionally disenfranchised. Then fight back. FULL MOVIE BELOW.

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During the 2018 midterms, Stacey Abrams came very close to becoming the first African American and/or female governor in the great state of Georgia.

But the new documentary ‘Suppressed’ (from the non-profit outfit Brave New Films) explains how the apparatus behind Secretary of State Brian Kemp systematically disenfranchised Georgia voters, leading to Kemp’s manufactured victory over Abrams.

PREVIEW (full film linked below):

Though voter suppression is by no means limited to Georgia, the Peach State is ground zero for right-wing strategies designed to keep African Americans and other people of color away from the polls. As the film describes, these suppression strategies include: polling place closures, voter purges, ‘missing’ absentee ballots, extreme wait times and a host of voter ID requirements – all of which have disproportionately prevented people of color and many students from casting ballots.

Americans on a whole are unaware of the extent to which we don’t actually live in a representative democracy. Disinformation about the prevalence of voter suppression tactics from right-wing media, elected Republicans and the President of the United States adds confusion to a complex topic. That’s intentional.

This is important. Really, every American should view this film. One way you can help is by hosting a viewing party. Brave New Films has an audacious goal of 2,020 viewing parties by Election Day 2020. When you sign up to host a viewing party, you also get access to a discussion guide that you can use to help your group process the film and its implications.

If you would like to support the spreading of “Suppressed” on social media, share this DemCast article link and add the hashtags #DemCast and #FightToVote.

The full movie link is below. As of 10/8/19, the movie only has 5,069 views on YouTube. Let’s help Brave New Films spread this important content.

THE FULL FILM: “Suppressed”, from Brave New Films

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