“Fiji, if you’re listening…” (It’s Only a Matter of Time.)

Donald Trump has no qualms about soliciting foreign interference in our elections. The sky's the limit.

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I mean, it’s only a matter of time, right? If not Fiji, it could be Belgium, or maybe Mongolia—any country will do, really. Because Donald Trump, to the shock and amazement of nobody, did it again.

After admitting that he abused his office by pressuring Ukraine into investigating his chief political rival, Trump next asked China to do his electoral dirty work. On live television, no less. Worse, his call for China to investigate Joe Biden, and Elizabeth Warren (just to be safe), came on the heels of revelations that he asked Australia and the United Kingdom to settle his old score with Hillary Clinton for trouncing him in the popular vote, thus casting doubt on the legitimacy of his presidency.

Of course, Trump sowed those particular seeds of distrust when he begged for Russia’s assistance in 2016. And despite his repetitively bleating “no collusion, no obstruction”, what the Special Counsel ACTUALLY found was that Trump campaign associates consistently lied, were generally uncooperative and repeatedly destroyed evidence of their connection to Russia, and that Trump could NOT be pronounced innocent of obstruction of justice charges in the ensuing cover-up.

The coercion of Ukraine is far, far worse. Ukraine desperately needs US aid to fend off Russia. In fact, they probably cannot survive without it; Russia currently occupies Ukranian territory and threatens them constantly. So they almost have to comply with any request made by Trump. Remarkably, in the face of such pressure, the chief Ukrainian prosecutor has maintained that there is not one scintilla of proof that Hunter Biden-much less his father-did anything improper.

The fact that Donald Trump is publicly extorting other states to do his opposition research is no surprise. We have watched him repeatedly lie, cheat, bully people and leverage the presidency to benefit himself from day one. And he has done most of it right out in the open. Why, just after the conclusion of the G-7 meetings he called for the next gathering to be held at one of his own properties. Just think of all those foreign governments pouring cash into the Trump coffers, and all that free publicity he would garner to boot. It’s the typical Trump scam: it costs him nothing, and other people pay him on top of it.

We can almost chuckle at the corruption of asking other states to stay at his hotel. It’s such a clumsy effort to enrich himself that it induces cringes rather than serious Congressional oversight.

The Ukraine scandal is much different.

Trump has predictably resorted to unsupported accusations while denying his guilt in the Ukraine mess. It’s a partisan hit job! It’s hearsay! There was no quid pro quo! It’s a Democratic witch hunt! But then he released the transcript which confirmed his own guilt. And despite the fact that no quid pro quo is required to impeach Trump-I repeat: no quid pro quo is required to impeach Trump-since Trump directly asked a foreign leader to dig up dirt on his rival, there was still plenty of evidence that such a give-and-get existed. It was confirmed by text messages from US officials, and an interview with Republican Senator Ron Johnson. No need for tapes, stenographers, or testimony from porn stars.

There is no question.  Trump is guilty.  The only remaining matter is whether Republicans will do anything about it.

And once again, most Republicans, to the shock and amazement of nobody, continue to support their man at the expense of their country.

GOP contortionist extraordinaire Lindsey Graham-he of the “if we nominate Trump we will be destroyed…and we will deserve it” tweet-now is joining Trump’s call to investigate Biden. The aforementioned Senator Johnson has gone on television not only to support Trump, but to emphatically proclaim that he does not trust either the FBI nor the CIA. Folks, this is the Chair of the Senate Homeland Security Committee.  House minority whip Steve Scalise, who once likened himself to David Duke, and minority leader Kevin McCarthy, who is quoted as saying Putin pays Trump, went into attack mode, calling Congressman Adam Schiff a liar.

Not to be outdone, Senate majority leader “Moscow” Mitch McConnell issued a fundraising video wherein he vows to defeat impeachment. Before any decision to impeach has been made. Before any articles have been drafted. Before any evidence has been presented to the Senate. Before any verdict can be reached.

It is a laughable irony that Republicans have been cloaking themselves in the cape of patriotism for decades. Because in the past three years, they have unhesitatingly shredded this propaganda. When a GOP Senator goes on TV and exclaims that he doesn’t trust America’s law enforcement apparatus, and his other party members act accordingly, they have thoroughly shed any pretense of a claim to the “law and order” mantle.

Since November of 2016, it has become soberingly clear that only one party cares about our country, its Constitution and its citizens.

The Democratic party.

Since taking control of the House, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has passed hundreds of bills. Her initiatives have addressed health care, election security, climate change, gun violence, wages, civil rights and on, and on, and on.

All of these have died in Mitch McConnell’s self-styled legislative graveyard.

If that isn’t a reason, on top of impeachment, to support Amy McGrath in her bid to unseat McConnell, I don’t know what is.

Similarly, Lindsey Graham’s sheer hypocrisy regarding Trump’s conduct should drive people in droves to support his opponent, Jamie Harrison. If you somehow need more proof, take a gander at his impeachment speech about Bill Clinton, where he spoke of “cleansing the office”, versus his statements now in support of a man who not only soils that sacred chamber on a regular basis, but the befouls the entire country as well.

Friends, it’s time to rid America of these rogues and opportunists. It’s time to restore patriotism and veracity to our politics. It’s time to cleanse not only the office of the presidency, but ALL of the elected offices in our country. It’s time to support Democratic candidates at all levels of government.

It’s time to save America.

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