Know a Republican? It’s time to have a difficult conversation.

There is no American constituency that has more potential sway in the coming days, weeks & months than registered Republicans.

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It is time to ask your Republican friends and family members if they think a president who invites foreign interference in American elections should get to stay in office.

If they say no, it’s time to tell them that you know they like Republican policy. Remind them they can get it with Mike Pence or any other Republican who ends up in the Oval office. Tell them you always assumed they were a patriotic American, and that when push came to shove, they would put country over party.

If they’re still with you in the conversation, it’s time to ask them to do something for their country: call their House Rep and their US Senators and say: 1) they are a registered Republican, 2) they support the impeachment inquiry, and 3) inviting foreign meddling in our elections is beyond unacceptable. They can email, if it’s easier. Look up the contact info and give it to them right then and there. Sit with them while they do it.

And now the hard part. What if they say a president who does that should get to stay in office?

It’s time to be blunt. It’s time to play the Patriotism card. Tell them that George Washington’s final wish was that America not become so partisan that it allowed foreign interference in our republic. If they allow Donald Trump to invite foreign interference in our elections, you will always hold them personally responsible. They can wave their flag if they want on the Fourth of July. But you’ll never believe they actually care about this country. And you’ll never forgive them for it.

And then don’t.

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