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Moscow Mitch explains his impeachment plans in Russian

Spoof videos are weapons of mass persuasion.  They convert popular movie clips into political messages disguised as satire. The videos are inexpensive to make, but get millions of views as they’re mass shared. How are memes created? Storylines chosen? We created a spoof video to see how it’s

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The Week That Was

This week’s images are by @crispalomino. Her graphics depict the compelling news stories from the past week. Enjoy them, and as always, stay healthy and stay safe.


Rogan’s List for 09/24/2020

 9/22/20  Do you know why I‘m certain the republic will survive? Because I know what you are capable of. You are going to rise to this challenge. You are going to do


Rogan’s List for 08/25/2020

8/25/20 NATIONAL ISSUES Contact all Federal Members of Congress(includes contact info and links to social media) Fax legislators for free:Reps: Or use Resistbot: Purchase stamps, postcards, and other mailing supplies: White House


This is not a political game

Twenty Americans were killed in combat in Afghanistan in 2019, but it was not clear which killings were under suspicion … The intelligence finding was briefed to President Trump [in late March]…but

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