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Russian Propaganda on American TV

The Russian version of the article is available on the Mnews website. Set the scene: Georgian snipers shooting protesters on the Ukrainian Maidan under the leadership of an American officer; President Poroshenko organizing a complex scheme in order to interfere

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Vladimir Putin

The Putin Illusion: The Wizard of Id

This is the first of a two-part series. “The Putin Illusion: The Fragile Russian Doll” will appear on June 6. With Putin’s unprovoked and unjust invasion, siege, and destruction of Ukraine, it


Billionaire Tax Dodger Awards

Billionaire Tax Dodger Awards Billionaires dodge taxes through loopholes, political donations and a supporting cast of politicians and judges. The Billionaire Tax Dodger Awards recognize unchecked greed. Exploit workers – Keep workers on food


Putin Republicans: Follow The Rubles

Putin Republicans: Follow The Rubles Why are Republicans so fond of Putin? Follow the money to see how Putin and Russian oligarchs bought Republicans with donations and sexpionage. This PowerMap was designed with publicly

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