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How Beto O’Rourke Can Win the Governor’s Seat

Beto can beat Abbott and turn Texas blue. Over the last week or two, inside sources have been whispering that Beto O’Rourke plans on running for governor of Texas. About a week ago, I watched a local Democratic club host

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Rogan’s List March 14, 2023

Restore banking regulations, protect right to asylum, promote African American history, plus more ways to work for progress! Contact all members of Congress: Contact White House or other federal agencies: Share Subscribe


Republican gun policies help mass shooters

Republican gun policies help mass shooters A racist teenager kills ten in Buffalo with a military-style assault weapon. What role do Republican policies play in the surge of mass shootings? “The shooter at a Buffalo


Rogan’s List for 10/08/2020

10/8/20 Hate never goes away. It only hides. And when it’s given oxygen – when it’s given an opportunity to spread, when it’s treated as normal and acceptable behavior, we’ve opened a


Getting to Know the Gun Lobby (Along the Line)

Along the Line, is a member of the Demcast network, brought to you by the Media Freedom Foundation. On today’s episode hosts are Nicholas Baham III (Dr. Dreadlocks), Janice Domingo,  and Nolan Higdon