Reginald Oh

Reginald Oh is Associate Director of The Loyal Opposition. His primary focus is on issues relating to constitutional law, the protection of vulnerable communities, and the reduction of political polarization in America. A law professor at the Cleveland Marshall College of Law who teaches constitutional law and legal ethics, Reggie’s scholarship is focused on the meaning of equality under the Fourteenth Amendment Equal Protection Clause. His current research focuses on the central role that dehumanization plays in fostering inequality and discrimination, and the possibility for law to counter it.
Reginald is on the Board of Directors for DemCast.

Thoughts on the Dehumanization of Asian Americans

How do we make sense of the seemingly senseless murders of six Asian women and the spate of anti-Asian violence amid the pandemic? By learning about dehumanization and its role in the infliction of atrocities against a dehumanized class of

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