Field Team 6

Field Team 6 is a national volunteer army with a simple mission: Register Democrats. Save the world. By targeting places that need Democrats most, we aim to take the White House, flip the Senate, and expand our House majority.

Take Only the Anger You Need • The Field Team 6 Weekly

HOUSES FLIPPED:   1 DAYS UNTIL 2020 ELECTION:  326PROGRESSIVE VOTERS REGISTERED:  15,741 TAKE ONLY THE ANGER YOU NEED If we’re distracted, we’re ineffective.If we let the lies deafen us or the cruelty deflate us, we cannot act.  So take


The Field Team 6 Weekly

Register Democrats. Save the world. HOUSES FLIPPED:   1 DAYS UNTIL 2020 ELECTION:  362PROGRESSIVE VOTERS REGISTERED:  14,592 THE RESISTANCE WINS AGAIN The Resistance struck a mighty blow last Tuesday, when Democrats won majorities in both Virginia statehouses! As

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