GIFs and Memes for Halloween and Indigenous Heritage

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Immigrants Make America

October 28 is National Immigrants Day, an annual celebration of the culture, diversity, and strength that immigrants bring to the United States. Our immigrant communities deserve to feel safe and accepted, no matter their country of origin. Use these images to stand up for immigrants now and always.

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Happy Halloween

Everyone’s favorite spooky celebrations kick off October 31, but there’s much more to fear than just witches and ghouls. The current state of the Republican party is enough to scare anyone into action. Use these images to confront the nightmares of GOP policies and corruption.

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Celebrating Native American Heritage

November is Native American Heritage Month – an important observance and celebration of Indigenous lives and cultures. Indigenous heritage and history is important, valuable, and here to stay. While the fight for reparations rages on, use these images to show what Native pride means to you.

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It’s Time to Nail the Vote with MoveOn

This past weekend, Taskforce teamed up with MoveOn to host a nail salon popup at their 25th Anniversary Members Conference. The salon offered free activism-based manicures to organizers and advocates in attendance. 

The participants highlighted the need for rest and self-care in the midst of organizing, especially in today’s political climate. This collaboration is a powerful reminder for all of us to prioritize our mental health as we mobilize for the 2024 elections.

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