PINK Roe Roe Roe Your Vote VA Yard Signs

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These signs send the messages we NEED this election!

PLEASE consider getting some friends together and ordering 40 to make an impact in your neighborhood!

ORDER Today for free shipping & you will receive them by next weekend.

Learn to use SwipeBlue – Updated for our Virginia Elections!

The Virginia Grassroots has been working closely with SwipeBlue to set up an easy to use tool to turn out voters across Virginia! SwipeBlue is a free app for relational organizing that makes it easy for you to engage your friends in voting.

Please join us to take advantage of the newly designed tool on Tuesday, October 10th at 7pm. We will go over best practices for using SwipeBlue to turn out your networks (and more) to vote, and how this tool can be a game changer.


Please download SwipeBlue to your phone HERE and enter the Partner Code “VA” when prompted. You will be connected to the Virginia SwipeBlue campaigns.

SwipeBlue is a FREE app for relational organizing that makes it easy for you to engage your friends in voting. It matches your phone contacts with voter file information to identify the progressive voters in your phone. It then prompts you to send a personalized text to those friends about voting in this year’s election. You get to decide which friends you want to text and you can personalize the suggested text message before sending.

What is Relational Organizing? It’s using our existing networks to engage people we know in voting. Relational organizing is powerful because friends trust friends. Studies show texts from friends have 29 times more impact than texts from strangers.

Check it out for yourself and REGISTER NOW.



PS: We will be discussing getting started with SwipeBlue in the After-Chat of the Friday Power Lunch. You can register here.

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