Rogan’s List for October 5, 2023

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October 5, 2023

House chaos, striking health care workers, Banned Books Week, and more!


We’ve had a number of the Rogan’s List family (now 12,000 strong!) send in action items in the last few weeks – and some really important ones at that! So we’re setting up a “tip line” you all can use if you have ideas or submissions for us: Please don’t hesitate to email and pass on your suggestions, we look forward to hearing from you!

Contact all members of Congress:

Contact White House or other federal agencies:

  • PROTECT THE PLANET. SUPPORT THE FATCAT ACTPrivate luxury jets spew at least 10 times more pollution per passenger than commercial jets. This means that 1% of very wealthy passengers are responsible for about half of all aviation emissions. The Fueling Alternative Transportation with a Carbon Aviation Tax (FATCAT) Act (S.2378,/HR 4760)would increase fuel taxes on private jets from 21.9 to $1.95 cents per gallon and use the increased tax revenue to help fund the Clean Communities Trust Fund. Senator Ed Markey, the bill’s Senate sponsor, reports that “per passenger, private jets pollute up to 14 times more than commercial flights and 50 times more than trains, producing as much emissions as millions of cars every year in the United States.”  Let’s tell our US Senators to co-sponsor S.2378, and our US Reps to co-sponsor HR 4760.


  • CO – BALLOT PROPOSAL TO EXPAND ABORTION ACCESS  The Colorado Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice Coalition is pursuing a ballot initiative which would expand and protect access to reproductive healthcare in the state. Colorado currently has many protections for abortion, but it still has a constitutional ban on Medicaid recipients and state employees using their insurance to cover abortions, with few exceptions. According to the Guttmacher Institute, 17% of Coloradan girls and women ages 15-49 are on Medicaid. Ballot proposals  89 and 90 are in the preliminary stages of the approval process by the state, but when the ballot language is approved, approximately 125,000 signatures will be needed to get them on the November 2024 ballot. Let’s keep our eyes out for these ballot proposals, and be ready to sign and collect signatures. Let’s also be sure to read through ballot proposals that are presented to us for signatures, as anti-abortion groups will be  collecting signatures to criminalize abortions.

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