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Since I first stepped into the political arena, I have heard Democrats can’t message. And every time I talk to someone new about Democrats they repeat this. I think it is time we do something about that. And I think we can succeed this time.

Join us as we present Antonia Scatton’s Messaging that Kicks Butt – Dems Fight Back and learn to reframe what you are concerned about. Sounds simple, let’s get it done!

There will be 2 online one-hour intensive messaging workshops and Antonia will continue to join us at the Friday Power Lunches for more opportunities to practice and discuss.

These workshops are for everyone: candidates, campaign staff, activists. Anyone who is talking to voters formally or informally.

This workshop is being offered twice:

Antonia Scatton is a 25-year veteran political strategist, protege of renowned messaging expert George Lakoff, and author of the Reframing America newsletter. She works with the DNC’s Association of State Democratic Committees to train state Democratic Party leadership and candidates. Learn more about her at antoniascatton.com/about.

“Dems Fight Back” BASIC TRAINING is a crash course in the science of how words impact people, how Republicans dominate the public debate, and how we can fight back by reframing the debate on the top issues we’re facing in this election.

Close out the election strong! Be prepared to handle major issues in a snap! In these last days before the election, learn how to message on the key issues to turn more doors blue.



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