How Younger Voters Will Impact Elections

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PEG 6th Congressional District Newsletter 336

How Younger Voters are poised to upend American Politics

Political scientists and forward-thinking politicians have long discussed the influence of Gen Z and Millennials on the future of American politics. Recent election results and Pew research data suggest that these two generations, set to become the majority of the electorate in the coming years, will likely bolster the Democratic Party’s electoral strength for an extended period.   

In the 2022 midterm election, the Plurals and Millenials voted overwhelmingly Democratic. See Figure 4. And Democrats had a particularly significant advantage among African-American and Hispanic voters under 45. See Figure 5

While linear projections of past trends are not always conclusive, recent elections show a consistent pattern of young people increasingly voting for Democratic candidates since Donald Trump’s 2016 victory. In 2018, 68% of voters under 45 supported Democratic congressional candidates, and in the 2020 election, 58% voted for President Biden.

With all this potentially good news for Democrats, this article from the Brookings Institution does not guarantee a shoo-in for the Democrats unless the Dems prioritize campaigns that appeal to voters under 45, regardless of their location or current political leanings. Brookings claims the failure of the Democrats to do so risks missing out on a 2024 victory, which could lead to a loss of support from the increasingly influential majority of American voters for years to come. Read more

Planet on Fire: President Biden Counters Climate Change

With an executive order, President Biden announced the formation of the “American Climate Corps,” which will give thousands of America’s youth jobs to counter global warming. The New Deal’s highly successful Civilian Conservation Corps, which provided jobs for millions of young men during the Depression, serves as both the inspiration and model for Biden’s Climate Corps.

It will train as many as 20,000 young people its first year “to work in wind and solar production, disaster preparedness, and land conservation.” According to the administration’s climate policy adviser Ali Zaidi, the American Climate Corps is designed to create “pathways to good-paying careers, and lifetimes of being involved in the work of making our communities more fair, more sustainable, more resilient.” To sign up, go to

A Major Supreme Court Ruling in Support of the Voting Rights Act!

On Tuesday, the US Supreme Court refused — for the second time — to reinstate Republican-drawn congressional maps submitted by the state of Alabama. In the first case, the Republican-led legislature had been directed to draw a new map “to include two districts in which Black voters either comprise a voting-age majority or something quite close to it” in order to be in compliance with the Voting Rights Act. However, the new design only maintained one majority-Black district and created a second district whose percentage of Black voters increased from 30 to only 40 percent. The Washington Post notes that the state has seven voting districts and a voting population that is 27% Black; the Post also notes that federal judges in Georgia and Louisiana have found similar violations of the Voting Rights Act! There were no dissents. These decisions will impact the 2024 elections! (-The Hill)

Events and Opportunities

Fridays, through October 15. Legacy in Action: A Storyteller’s Journey to Civic Engagment

Join Leslie McGraw as she will be featured as a guest co-host on Latina HerStory with Talia, 91.3 WBNY based in Buffalo, New York. Topics and guests for this Radio Miniseries include Voter Education Week, community leaders and storytellers from Michigan, Tennessee, and New York, as well as team members of the Elbert Williams Voting Corner. The five Fridays lead up to October 15, which is Elbert Williams Voter Engagement Day.

  • Friday, Oct. 6. Digital Storytelling: w/digital creatives from Elbert Williams Voting Corner
  • Friday, Oct. 13. Gathering the Full Story of Elbert Williams: w/ John Ashworth, Historian and Founder of the Carver-Dunbar Museum of Brownsville, Tennessee

To listen live, visit 91.3 FM at on Fridays at 10. 10:10 am EST each Friday.

National Voter Education Week is October 2–6, 2023

Monday, October 2. Rise Up Michigan Action Virtual Party 

MAKE MICHIGAN THE GREENEST STATE IN THE UNION! Join the Washtenaw County Chapter of The Climate Reality Project to hear from a panel of Michigan climate experts. Learn how to take hundreds of actions using the free Climate Action Now app to help lift up Michigan’s climate goals!                                
Join Senator Sue Shink, Charlotte Jameson of the Michigan Environmental Council, and Peter Sinclair, videographer and climate blogger. Register here and get more information. 7–8 pm

Tuesday, October 3. Proposal 22-2 Letters to the Editor Workshop

Join Voters Not Politicians to learn how to write a Letter-to-the-Editor for your local newspaper or media outlet. The workshop will teach you how to raise awareness about the changes and expansions to voting access in 2023 and 2024, thanks to the passage of Proposal 22-2. Sign up here to attend this virtual event. 6:30–7:30 pm

Wednesday, October 4. What’s Really Happening in Atlanta? Veteran Georgia Journalist Tells All

In their virtual Community Conversation series, “America at a Crossroads,” co-founded by Jews United for Democracy & Justice and Community Advocates, Larry Mantle conducts a conversation with Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Greg Bluestein to analyze Georgia’s indictment of Donald Trump and his 18 co-defendants, as well as voting rights in Georgia. Register for the event here. 8 pm EST

Jews United for Democracy and Justice  

Wednesday, October 4 at 5 pm

Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Greg Bluestein with Larry Mantle: “What’s Really Happening in Atlanta? Veteran Georgia Journalist Tells All”. (Register here)                                                          
Wednesday, October 11 at 5 pm

US Congress Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi in conversation with Patt Morrison: “America’s Challenges” (Register Here)                                           

Wednesday, October 18 at 5 pm

NY Times’ Adam Nagourney in conversation with Patt Morrison: “The New York Times & the Transformation of Journalism in the Digital Age.” (Register Here) 

Wednesday, October 11. Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi: America’s Challenges

Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi will be in conversation with Patt Morrison of the LA Times about the challenges facing America as we inch toward 2024. Register here. 8 pm EST.

Saturday, October 14. Legislative Canvass with Voters Not Politicians

Knock doors and talk to people in your neighborhood about critical anti-corruption reforms in Michigan. The legislature will be taking up a package to enact comprehensive ethics and transparency reforms including expanding FOIA to include the governor’s office and legislature, combining financial disclosure with strong conflicts-of-interest rules, and banning lobbyist gifts. There are a lot of priorities in this legislative session, so it’s up to people like us to make our voices heard. Click the links to sign up to canvass in Ypsilanti or Riverview. 10 am–1 pm

Serve on a Board or Commission for Michigan

Our state government is listening! Be heard in a major way by applying for one of the 100 open appointments on various committees and boards. Search the online portal by interest area here.

Visit the PEG Events Page for all upcoming events at!

More things to do, read, watch, and listen to

Four Free COVID Tests per Household are Available Again!
With Covid cases on the rise, the Biden administration has announced the return of free Covid tests for home use. Each family is eligible to obtain four tests per household by going to The government also urged Americans not to toss out the older tests in their homes because many have expiration dates which have been extended! Go to this FDA site to check the status of the older test kits. Additionally, free home tests are available at some libraries. For people who prefer to be tested in a clinic, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services provides a list of free test sites across the state including MDHHS Community Sites. The CDC also provides a searchable list of free testing sites across the country. The website notes that “The U.S. government will continue to make COVID-⁠19 tests available to uninsured individuals and underserved communities through existing outreach programs. Please contact a HRSA health centerTest to Treat site, or ICATT location near you to learn how to access low- or no-cost COVID-⁠19 tests provided by the federal government.”

Trump and E. Jean Carroll Cases

Two separate lawsuits revolve around a single incident that reportedly occurred at the Bergdorf Goodman department store in Manhattan during 1995 or 1996. E. Jean Carroll’s claims are corroborated by two of her friends, whom she informed after the incident. Initially, in 2019, Carroll sued Trump for defamation in response to his denial of ever meeting her and his accusation that she fabricated the incident to boost her book sales. This lawsuit, referred to as “Carroll I” in legal documents, is scheduled for trial in January 2024.

Subsequently, taking advantage of a one-year window provided by New York lawmakers, Carroll filed a second lawsuit known as “Carroll II.” This suit introduces a fresh defamation claim related to Trump’s 2022 statements and includes a battery claim pertaining to the alleged assault itself. In May 2023, a civil trial found Trump liable for both battery and defamation. The jury ruled that Carroll suffered harm due to Trump’s actions and awarded her $2 million for the resulting injuries. Additionally, Trump was held liable for defamation, with Carroll receiving an award of nearly $3 million in damages. Read the full Trump—E. Jean Carroll verdict

Trump has sought to challenge the verdict and the timing of the second trial by filing various motions that have thus far been denied. He is currently appealing the judgments. Carroll has also responded by counterclaiming Trump’s defamation lawsuit, which he filed against her based on statements she made post-verdict. Trump’s legal team has similarly appealed this aspect of the case.

When will Trump be in Court – Protectors of Equality in Government


Oct. 2, 2023 Trump Organization civil trial
Jan. 15, 2024 Iowa caucuses J
an. 15, 2024 E. Jean Carroll civil trial
Jan. 23, 2024 New Hampshire primary (tentative) Feb. 6,…

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