Rogan’s List – September 20

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September 20, 2023

Say no to border wall construction, save Virginia from the GOP, insist on better journalism on trans issues, and more!

Contact all members of Congress:

Contact White House or other federal agencies:

  • INSIST THAT DHS PROVIDE HUMAN TRANSLATORS FOR ASYLUM-SEEKERS:The Department of Homeland Security is increasingly relying on Artificial Intelligence apps like Google Translate instead of human beings to translate for non-English speakers seeking asylum. As anyone who’s ever used these sites knows, they can often miss or wildly misinterpret key information. They also do not pick up on cultural context and sometimes cannot understand regional accents. With something as important as an asylum application on the line, people are required by law to have competent translation. Let’s tell DHS to stop this practice and assure that human translators are on hand to assist asylum seekers with their applications.

  • SAVE LIVES—CARRY NARCANThe overdose-reversing drug Narcan (also called Naloxone) is now available for over-the-counter purchase. Nearly 280,000 Americans have died of opioid overdoses from 1999 to 2021. Narcan is easy to carry and administer, and won’t harm someone if it is given in error. We can now have it in our homes and carry it with us just in case we ever encounter someone who has stopped breathing. The only downside is that the cost—around $44—may be too expensive for some. Let’s (1) learn how to use Narcan to reverse opioid overdose; (2) if we can afford it, purchase Narcan to carry with us; and (3) tell our state and local officials that we want them to make Narcan available to the public for free.


  • ID—DEMAND FUNDING FOR CRUMBLING SCHOOL BUILDINGSProPublica and the Idaho Statesman report that Idaho school districts—particularly poor, rural districts—have been unable to repair their crumbling, unsafe, not-conducive-to-learning school buildings because the bond-funding process requires the approval of a 2/3 supermajority of voters (Idaho is one of two states requiring such a high bond-issuance threshold), and because a state loan program imposes impenetrably high requirements. If we’re in Idaho, let’s share the link to the article ( with our state legislators and Governor Brad Little and let’s tell them our children deserve much, much better. Let’s tell them to lower the bond-funding threshold from supermajority to simple majority, and to reform the Public School Facilities Cooperative Funding Program so that it provides a real solution to the problem of Idaho’s unsafe school buildings.
  • VA – MAKE A PLAN TO VOTE Encouraging people to make a plan to vote has been demonstrated to be a highly effective way to increase voter turnout. Vote Save America has an online tool we can use to make our own plan to vote. Every seat in the Virginia legislature is on the ballot in November, and Republicans are  fighting hard to get a GOP trifecta (governor and both legislative houses in Republican control). Let’s not allow that to happen. Early voting  starts the end of September. Let’s use Vote Save America’s tool to make our plan to vote, and let’s share it with our Virginia friends, family, and neighbors so they can make their plans, too.
  • NY (NYC) – DRONE SURVEILLANCE TO BE INCREASED Like 1400 other police departments that, according to the ACLU, already use drones to respond to domestic incidents, wellness checks, and noise complaints, the New York Police Department has increased their use of drone surveillance. Lest we doubt who is the target of this increase, it came, naturally, just in time for the West Indian Day parade and the celebration of Jouvert.  Mayor Eric Adams has said he studied the effective use of drones in Israel on his recent visit, a practice much criticized there and abroad. It is likewise being criticized here as a violation of privacy rights and possibly of the 2021 Public Oversight of Surveillance Technology Act—and as part of a “dystopian” turn in policing.  We should tell Mayor Adams that we do not want further intrusive police surveillance.
  • CA – CLOSE THE GENDER GAP IN THE STATE LEGISLATURE BY 2028Election cycle by election cycle, the organization Close the Gap has been steadily increasing the number of women serving in the California legislature. Less than a decade ago, 26 of California’s 120 lawmakers were women. Today, 50 women are serving. Twenty of them are Close the Gap recruits, including 14 women of color. Close the Gap recruits women who champion reproductive freedom, funding for public education, and combating poverty. Let’s explore the Close the Gap website to see how we can take action, support their work, and maybe even run for office ourselves! h/t


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