Rogan’s List for September 12, 2023

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September 12, 2023

Support net neutrality, become a poll worker, run for school board, and more ways to help!

Contact all members of Congress:

Contact White House or other federal agencies:

  • RUN FOR LOCAL SCHOOL BOARDSchool boards are making big decisions for our children. They are addressing curriculum, book bans, reducing gender protections, and more. Be the parent that gets a voice on the board and listens to your community.  Be a participant on a board that reverses book bans, provides equal rights to all students, adds a student representative, and provides meaningful and authentic curriculum. Check out this link from Ed Post about how to get started to run for school board. There are links for each state as well so you can see what it entails in your state/district. 

  • JOIN THE ETHICS COMPLAINT AGAINST JUSTICE ALITOSupreme Court Justice Samuel Alito accepted a six-figure private jet flight from hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer, and not only failed to disclose it, he did not recuse himself from cases that Singer had before the Court, likely in violation of federal law. As ethics violations by various justices pile up, a bill (S.359) has been introduced in Congress to impose a code of ethics on the Supreme Court. Alito has publicly alleged that such a law would be unconstitutional, a position that legal experts dispute. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), the bill’s author, has filed a formal ethics complaint with Chief Justice/Judicial Conference Chair John Roberts against Alito for improperly opining on a legal issue that may come before the court, and for possible involvement in an “organized campaign to block congressional action with regard to a matter in which he has a personal stake.” Let’s contact Chief Justice Roberts and tell him that we are signing on to Senator Whitehouse’s ethics complaint, and that it’s long past time that he lead the justices toward adopting and enforcing a clear code of ethics on themselves. Let’s also tell our Senators to co-sponsor S.359. (h/t Chop Wood, Carry Water)


  • WI – STOP IMPEACHMENT OF NEWEST SUPREME COURT JUSTICERepublicans are not happy with newly elected Judge Janet Protasiewicz’s statements on abortion or redistricting, so they are trying to remove her from power. “In response to the Republican impeachment threats, the state Democratic Party and Democratic lawmakers have announced a $4 million dollar effort to defend Protasiewicz from the impeachment threat through ads, phone calls and a door knocking campaign, seeking to put pressure on GOP lawmakers to reject impeachment in districts that voted for Protasiewicz.”. We can get involved and/or donate to this cause here.   




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