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September 8, 2023

Defending Democracy at the Coconino County Fair

  • 230+ signatures from voters across 8 counties for US Senate Candidate Ruben Gallego
  • 15 voter registrations
  • 100’s of signatures for Coconino County & statewide candidates

Letter from the Chair – Election Center Tour 

The Coconino County Elections Department and Recorder’s Office are well prepared and organized for the upcoming election season.
I recently toured the updated Election Center and came away filled with confidence in our county elections. Elections Department Director Eslir Musta and his exceptional staff led us through the entire process, from ballot to ballot box, tabulating and verifying votes, and the comprehensive security measures throughout. We tried out the new voting machines, tested a paper ballot, and walked through the multiple security measures that ensure a safe, legal, transparent, and universally accepted election.
In preparation for this year, the Elections Department worked with an Elections Task Force consisting of County residents, including CocoDems Executive Committee Secretary, Laura Huenneke, to determine polling locations. Under federal regulation, each polling place must provide adequate parking, lighting, security, and be ADA compliant. Many of our former polling places lacked one or more of the required
elements, and others are no longer available. Schools have expressed concern over opening their campus to the public on election day, eliminating several locations. After much consideration and research the task force recommended, and the Board of Supervisors adopted, the establishment of Vote Centers. There will be eight Vote Centers in the City of Flagstaff, including NAU, the Subaru dealership, and the Museum of Northern Arizona. There will be dozens of additional Vote Centers across Coconino
County, including Chapter Houses on Navajo Nation. Voters may cast their ballot at any Vote Center, enabling residents to choose a Center that is convenient to work, home, or errands. Vote by mail will continue as before for voters who choose this method of casting their ballot. 
We can be very proud of our Elections Department and Recorder’s Office for consistently managing our elections with a deep commitment to the bedrock of our democracy, our vote.
Thank you to the Elections Department staff for inviting us on this tour. Thank you, Laura Huenneke, for taking leadership on the Elections Task Force.
Please consider an election worker for the 2024 elections.
Laura Carter, Chair

Coconino County Elections Director, Eslir Musta & staff with Chair Laura Carter and
Events Chair, Pamela Carter

Election Workers – Doing the Hard Work of Democracy

The City of Flagstaff is holding a special election on November 7, 2023.  It features the referendum on the hospital move and several issues related to the City Charter. This will be a by-mail election only, with no physical polling places. The County Elections Department still needs workers to receive ballots, verify signatures, and tabulate votes. If you have not participated in carrying out elections before, this is a great opportunity to get into the system and see our democracy from the inside. 
To apply as an election worker, go to the Coconino County Elections website and apply here:
 >Select “I can work multiple days during election cycles on tabulation & special boards” to be part of ballot receiving, verification, and tabulation. You can check other boxes to apply to be a poll worker in future elections (that is, in 2024!) when there will be numerous vote centers and precinct polling places across the county. Your fellow voters will thank you! 

Pledge to get Abortion on the 2024 Ballot

The Coconino County Democratic Party is proud to collaborate with Flagstaff Abortion Alliance and Indivisible of Northern Arizona on the Arizona Abortion Access Initiative.  Sign up here to be a circulator for the petition to get a constitutional amendment for abortion access on the ballot in 2024.  Help us get 500,000 by July 2024, and protect the right to abortion access. 
Mark your calendars for the Abortion Access Initiative Event on October 14, following our Monthly Action Meeting.

State Committee Meeting Reminder – 9/9 

State Committee Members, please remember that the ADP’s Fall State Committee Meeting is on Saturday September 9th, 2023 @ 9:00am.  
If you require a proxy, please complete this form to have it returned by 5PM on Wednesday September 6th @ 5PM. 
Additional information here

Media Matters – Robert Reich 

We continue with our series of short pieces in this newsletter, sharing links to media sources that some of our leaders and volunteers find useful in filtering the noise. 

This edition’s submission is by Monique Fresquez.  Monique is the CC Dems Operations Manager and a PC. 

In the midst of the pandemic lockdown, a friend shared Robert Reich’s Instagram feed with me and I’ve looked to his work as a guide for what I can do, in what continues to feel like an ever increasing precarious moment in history. 

Reich, having served as the US Secretary of Labor and presidential advisor, brings an economic perspective to his newsletter, often highlighting how current social and economic inequalities are rooted in historical policies and decisions.  A common thread that runs through Reich’s articles, is how wealth is inextricably tied to power and is subsequently continuing to not only shape American politics, but create an ever widening socio-economic divide in our country.  It’s by having a more clear understanding of how these policies came to be, that we can take action to create a more just and equitable future.
The newsletter is to the point, informative and I always look forward to reading it.  As the summer draws to an end, I always have the urge to slow down.  However, this week’s edition helped fuel my motivation to get to work ever more diligently in order to do everything that I am able to, in order to protect our democracy.  One of the action items that Reich suggests is using our time to talk to folks who still have open minds (read: Independents).  With about a third of registered voters in AZ being Independents, this is a massive opportunity!  How lucky are we to live in a state where we can truly make a difference in the upcoming elections? No pressure.  
This is where Reich’s media company, Inequality Media, comes in.  There are always great talking points backed up by factual evidence.  Inequality Media’s goal is to create an understanding of how the “1% of America, holds 40% of the wealth” and what we can do about it through engaging, highly informative, sometimes comical and always entertaining videos. One of my recent favorites is about the false “crises” that the GOP have created, as a distraction from the real crises that are actually happening, such as: the destruction of our democracy, the climate crisis and an economy rigged to benefit the ultra-wealthy.  What’s great about these videos is how they are backed up by statistics.  For example, in this video, the “Out of Control Government Spending” GOP myth is dispelled by illustrating the distinction that discretionary government spending in relation to the total economy has actually decreased over the past 50 years and that our national debt has increased significantly under both Bush and Trump administrations, because of their tax cuts.
Another recent video that I found extremely informative, entitled “Is Donald Trump a Fascist?” (spoiler alert, yes, he is) breaks down the differences between authoritarians and fascists while giving chilling examples of his fascist tendencies, its root in Christian nationalism and how we must call it what it is.  While these examples can be alarming, Robert Reich’s calls to action are always inspiring and informative and I hope that subscribing to his Substack newsletter or YouTube channel brings another perspective to your media intake.    

Seeking an Instagram Savvy Dem  

September Monthly Meeting : 9/16 Business Meeting

In-Person at the Murdoch Center or on Zoom

Topic: September Monthly Action Meeting
Time: Sep 16, 2023 10:00 AM Arizona

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 871 9466 1462

Registering Future Voters on College & High School Campuses

-Pew Research Center, July 2023

With the Fall 2023 semester underway, we are continuing our efforts to register voters in our high schools, at Coconino Community College and at Northern Arizona University.  Here are a few ways to help register young voters on campuses:

  • We are on CCC’s campus every Tuesday from 11AM-2PM.  If you are interested in signing-up for a shift, do so via this link and we will reach out with additional information.
  • Coco Dems are excited to be supporting local high school activists.  There are a few more trainings in September, click here to register.  If you are, or know of any, civic minded high school students or teachers who might be interested in volunteering, please contact us.

We’re out and about in the community, thanks to our donors!

Consider becoming a monthly donor today as we continue to build for 2024. 


Upcoming Community Service Opportunities

Reaching out and serving those in our community is a foundational principle of the Democratic Party. On the first Thursday of every month we serve meals at the Flagstaff Family Food Center.
We have two volunteer slots open for this week and you can sign up HERE for October and November.  Shifts are from 3-6pm.  Being a part of the amazing work that the Food Center does for our community is incredibly rewarding. We are sure that you will want to make this a regular part of your volunteer efforts. If you have any questions please call Nancy Branham at 928-856-0036.

Cornucopia, Flagstaff Community Market, Tuba City Outdoor Market & more

The Cornucopia Fall Festival is back this year!  We’re seeking volunteers to help us manage our booth.  Sign up for a shift here.The Coconino County Democrats are at the Flagstaff Community Farmer’s Market every Sunday, from 8:00 am until noon. Stop by and visit us or sign up to join the team. We are registering new voters, getting candidate nomination petitions signed, and talking about Democratic Party values.  It’s a great way to meet your community and help us swing Arizona blue in 2024! Sign up for a shift here. Join us in Tuba City for the weekly Outdoor Market.  Email Deydrek Scott for more information. 


Upcoming Events : Coconino County Democratic Party

Here’s How to Reach Your Executive Committee Members


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