Rogan’s List for July 19, 2023

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July 19, 2023

Radiation victims, gun trafficking, abortion rights in Florida, and more!

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  • COMPENSATE VICTIMS OF RADIATION EXPOSURE: For years, the Radiation Exposure and Compensation Act has provided relief for uranium miners and others suffering from radiation based illness due to living near nuclear testing sites. However, the act is about to expire. S. 1751extends compensation until 2040 and expands it to include victims not in the original law, including those who began work in the uranium mining industry after 1971 and people living downwind of testing sites in several additional states and territories. The bill has bipartisan support. Let’s tell our MoCs we want them to get this bill out of committee and bring it to a floor vote as soon as possible. 
  • STOP GUN TRAFFICKING“In 2021, over 10,300 guns were either lost by or stolen from gun shops. This amounts to a rate of 28 guns per day likely moving from legal to illegal markets where they can be trafficked to be used in crimes,” reads a new report from Everytown for Gun Safety. For various reasons, inspections of gun dealers by the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) occur only about every 10 years. Elevators, in contrast, are required to be inspected annually. The Federal Firearm Licensee Act would require annual inspections for dealers most connected to crime guns, require gun shows and websites to conduct background checks on all firearm sales, require increased security in gun shops to prevent thefts and losses, and more. Let’s read the report, and let’s tell our U.S. Representatives to co-sponsor H.R.1478. Let’s also tell our U.S. Senators to introduce companion legislation in the Senate.

    The National Low Income Housing Coalition’s annual report found there is no state in the country with an adequate supply of affordable rental housing for people with the lowest incomes. While addressing this shortfall will be a massive challenge, there are plenty of incremental steps we can take. Rhode Island just became the third state to sign into a law a ban on rental application fees, joining Massachusetts and Vermont and a number of municipalities in removing a key hurdle for working families. Let’s encourage our state legislators and local leaders to follow their lead. 

  • HAVING EFFECTIVE CONVERSATIONS WITH VOTERSBuilding Bridges for America is sponsoring virtual training sessions to help folks get comfortable talking with voters.  “Learn to understand and break through to people who may disagree or not care. Get the skills to build up the muscles to keep your cool and have effective conversations. This session and accompanying workbook will give you the practice you need so you can connect with all voters.”  Virtual events are being held in September and in October.  Let’s click here to sign up for this free training and find ways to help get the word out.  

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