Josh Hawley is watching what we raise closely

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Did you see Matthew’s message about our first FEC deadline since launching the Fire Josh Hawley Fund? We’ll need to report all donations publicly before tonight at midnight, and with MAGA extremists watching our results closely, we can’t fall short.

Can we count on you to pitch in to help close our $3,428 budget gap before tonight’s FEC deadline at midnight? Together, we can make Missouri better and turn the page on Hawley’s extremism.

— Begin Forwarded Message —


Josh Hawley’s reward for being a gutless coward willing to betray the Constitution, undermine democracy, or do anything else Donald Trump asks for is access to nearly unlimited donations from wealthy extreme Republicans.

Missouri deserves leaders we can be proud of, not a national embarrassment who is dangerous to our democracy.

That’s why it’s so important that we report strong numbers to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) after Friday’s deadline. Republican donors will be watching closely to see our strength, and we still need to raise another $8,513 to close our budget gap.

Please pitch in here to help us close our budget gap before tomorrow’s critical first FEC deadline since we launched the Fire Josh Hawley Fund. Our numbers will be reported publicly, and we need your help to keep up with extreme Republicans working to break our democracy and take away our freedom.



Matthew Patterson
Executive Director
Missouri Democratic Party



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