Moms for Liberty to deface the Cradle of Liberty

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Hate group Moms for Liberty is coming to Philadelphia for a national convention as they rally to take over school boards, ban books, and dismantle public education.

Turn PA Blue is working year round to protect public education from hate and misinformation and actually defend liberty. Can we count on your support before our MIDNIGHT deadline?

The leading force in the conservative education movement, hate group Moms for Liberty, will be holding their annual MAGA-esque summit in Philadelphia this weekend!

The Southern Poverty Law Center notes that Moms for Liberty members across the country have been intimidating and harassing teachers and school officials, and fostering an environment hostile to LGBTQ+ students and students of color.

And they are about to descend upon the Cradle of Liberty, a block away from the Liberty Bell for a full on MAGA style hatefest. 

Turn PA Blue is fighting year round to support Democratic candidates who will STOP the spread of hate in our schools and local governments. Will you make a donation by the end of quarter deadline?

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Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis will be speakers at the “nonpartisan” rally hosted by the self-proclaimed and well-funded “parents’ rights” group with close ties to Christian nationalist groups such as the Proud Boys, Oathkeepers, QAnon, and the 3 Percenters. 

We have seen what happens when children are indoctrinated with abhorrent and racist worldviews. Let’s stop it from happening in the United States.

Turn PA Blue has helped fend off Moms for Liberty before, and we are committed to staying in the fight – for our kids and the future. We need your help – will you chip in before midnight tonight?

We fight fascists, because they’re fascists.
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