Rogan’s List for June 22, 2023

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June 22, 2023

Reform the Supreme Court, protect women’s rights, enforce pesticide regulations, and more!

Contact all members of Congress:

Contact White House or other federal agencies:

Justice Samuel Alito got a private jet ride to a luxury fishing vacation with Republican hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer. When Singer’s hedge fund cases came before the Supreme Court, Alito did not recuse himself. Nor did he disclose the ~$100,000 jet flight in his annual financial disclosures. This, coming after revelations that Justice Clarence Thomas failed to disclose luxury trips funded by a Republican megadonor, and the Court’s growing use of the “shadow docket,” issuing decisions without briefing, oral argument, or written opinions. The Court clearly needs reforming. A new report from the Brennan Center for Justice argues for a statutory fix, calling for a restructuring of life tenure to an active justice/senior justice model, with two new judicial appointments per presidential term. As of yesterday, it looks like the Senate is readying itself to address the Supreme Court ethics issue.  Let’s read the report, and if we like what it says, let’s tell our Members of Congress to introduce a bill crafted around it.

June 24 marks one year since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, stripping women of their bodily rights. To mark the anniversary, Democrats in Congress are planning an abortion rights push.  The Women’s March, in affiliation with other abortion rights groups, is calling for a national day of action on Saturday.  Their website enables us to see where, besides Washington, DC, actions are planned.  Let’s click here to find planned events to attend or to host our own. 

We’re just weeks away from the beginning of what could be the biggest single-employer strike in American history. Workers at UPS represented by the Teamsters voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike if they are unable to reach a new contract by August 1st. This would bring the world’s biggest package courier to a standstill as 340,000 workers walked off the job. Workers have made some progress on the key demand of air conditioning for their trucks, and continue to push for less surveillance, ending tiered pay and subcontracting, and wage hikes. Let’s use this tool from More Perfect Union to let UPS management know we want a fair deal for the workers, share their explainer video with our networks, and sign up here for updates from the Teamsters.

A new report from the Center for Agriculture and Food Systems at Vermont Law and Graduate School has found that “current pesticide regulations aren’t consistently enforced, and vulnerable workers aren’t always able to seek help when there are violations.” The report studied Washington, California, Illinois, and Florida, but this problem likely exists in every state, given that the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) “receives little data from states, whose enforcement is spotty at best.” Let’s send this link to the report “Exposed and at Risk: Opportunities to Strengthen Enforcement of Pesticide Regulations for Farmworker Safety”, to the White House, to EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan, to our Members of Congress, and to our State Legislators, telling them that we want them to implement the report’s recommendations.

While the Biden Administration recently granted an extension of temporary legal status (TPS) for Nicaraguans who entered the country before March 2021, the administration refused to expand the program to the nearly 400,000 Nicaraguans who have legally entered the country since then, caving to the Republican narrative that this might cause a spike in border migrations. Not allowing these people TPS prevents them from getting work authorization, which strains the budgets of the municipalities and NGOs that need to care for them. And Sen. Bob Menendez, (D-NJ) claims that there has been no correlation between granting TPS and increased migration and if anything TPS status can decrease migration by allowing people to send money home to their families. Let’s contact the White House and the Department of Homeland Security (202-282-8495) and ask them to reverse this decision. 

The North Carolina Republican Party has repeatedly turned to anti-democratic tactics to maintain control of a relatively evenly split state, and this legislative session they have launched a broad assault on voting rights once again. Their proposed S747 would disrupt same-day registrationgive people less time to return mail-in ballots and add burdens to using them,  loosens rules for partisan poll observers, and  make it easier for people to formally accuse others of voter fraud.  Trump’s coup attorney Cleta Mitchell has been working with the state party in writing it. S749 would enable a power grab of the State Board of Elections, requiring an even partisan split that would effectively deadlocking it and empowering Republican-led courts to step in. This is policy the people of North Carolina had rejected 61-38 as recently as 2018Let’s contact our legislators and tell them to oppose these bills and strengthen voting rights, and sign up with the groups fighting back like the local organizations for All on The LineCommon Cause and the NAACP.

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