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Save the DatesThe Monsoon Picnic is back this year! 

Mark your calendars for Saturday August 12, 2023.  We’ll be joined by candidates, have activities for the kids and more.  RSVP here!Join us for a happy hour meet and greet with Secretary of State Adrian Fontes, June 20 @ 5:30PM.  RSVP here.  Details to follow. 

Festival Season!
Hullabaloo kicked off festival season in Flagstaff!  Coco Dems Chair Laura Carter and Events Chair Pamela, along with many intrepid volunteers, registered voters & connected with the community.
We have more festivals coming up, check out our events calendar & sign up for a shift! Flagstaff Blues and Brews – June 9th & 10thPride in the Pines –  June 17th Juneteenth – June 17thFlagstaff Community Market – Every Sunday through October

May Monthly Meeting Highlights

Coconino County Democrats filled the Murdoch Center on May 13, 2023, for the monthly action meeting. After First Vice Chair Nancy Branham provided a land acknowledgment of the stewardship and cultural heritage of our indigenous neighbors, the group heard from Secretary of State Adrian Fontes. The Secretary called in by Zoom from his vehicle while multi-tasking the delivery of a child to a play date – a conflict many parents in the room could relate to! The Secretary had visited Flagstaff to tour the County Elections Warehouse, consult with elections staff, and hear from representatives of the County Republican and Democratic Parties.  In addition to reviewing his commitment to election integrity and to voting rights, he described some of his office’s other priorities (e.g., a “one-stop shop” for all agency requirements and forms for small businesses) and his commitment to our state’s diverse and rich cultural history (e.g., he has Governor Raul Castro’s desk in his office). He then spoke about the challenges and opportunities facing Democrats specifically in 2024 and beyond, ending with an eloquent call for us to stand strong in the face of growing intimidation, voter suppression, and authoritarian threats to our basic civil and human rights.
Next on the agenda was another guest speaker (via Zoom), Dr. Stephen Nuño Perez of NAU’s Politics and International Affairs Department. Dr. Nuño Perez is also a Senior Analyst at BSP Research, which provides strategic data and insights to the Biden – Harris campaign and other Democratic leadership. He provided a fascinating overview of demographic data and recent findings from surveys of Arizona Hispanics. Continue reading here

Did You Get That Text?

Did you receive a text message on June 5 from the Coconino County Dems asking about pressing issues in the community with a link to a survey?  Don’t worry, that wasn’t spam!  We sent

 it to those for whom we have cell numbers. If you didn’t get the text, but would like to let us know what we should be prioritizing, click here. We want to know your thoughts!

Media Matters: Letters from an American 

In today’s digital world we are surrounded by a barrage of voices and media sources. The benefit is that it is easier than ever before to hear (and see) what is happening, in real time, all around the globe – and to find answers to your questions from a diversity of sources. The hazard is that we are also being bombarded by false information – either erroneous or purposively twisted. How does one filter out the noise and take advantage of learning from authentic voices elsewhere?
We are starting a new series of short pieces in this newsletter, sharing links to media sources that some of our leaders and volunteers find useful in filtering the noise. Some of us are interested in historical context, others are looking for expert interpretation of the strategy behind the latest moves, and still others seek opportunities for direct action. None of us can track all possible sources of information – but we hope that hearing from your friends and colleagues about the sources they follow may give you some new windows on this complex political world.

Laura Huenneke, a PC from just east of Flagstaff and current Secretary of our County Party, recommends “Letters from an American,” by Dr. Heather Cox Richardson, a professor of American history.

Because my education and professional career focused on science, I had only the minimum required exposure to history and the lens it can provide for today’s political concerns. A few years ago, though, a friend mentioned “Letters from an American” and I was hooked. This daily newsletter highlights one or two major events of the previous day in the context of the full sweep of American history. It’s been fascinating – and helpful – to learn how today’s states-rights perspectives date back to the Civil War, how the Constitution and our legal framework shapes political action, or how our social safety net was slowly woven out of tragedies and political jostling before and during World War II. Overall my eyes have been opened to how – and why – some of today’s most challenging issues are so contentious.

The piece from June 1, 2023, for example [June 1, 2023 – by Heather Cox Richardson ( ], highlights new regulatory rules from the Biden administration meant to alleviate racial inequities in home appraisals and financing mechanisms. Richardson describes in vivid detail how the Tulsa Massacre of June 1, 1921, “took hundreds of Black lives, robbing Black families of generational wealth and the opportunities that come with it.” She illustrates how this and less overtly violent mechanisms repeatedly robbed Black citizens of their chances to build financial stability through home ownership – and how repercussions continue today.

“Letters from an American” is a newsletter distributed daily through Substack. (Occasionally Richardson takes a day off and merely posts a lovely photo from her home on the New England coast.) One can subscribe for free or, for $5 per month/$50 per year, receive additional benefits.  Letters from an American | Heather Cox Richardson | Substack

Volunteer Training is Back!

We’re resuming our volunteer trainings starting this month.  Are you interested in how you can get involved, 

but aren’t quite sure where to start?  We’ve got you covered.  Trainings will be held the second and fourth Tuesday of the month at 5:30PM and Noon (respectively) and last one hour.  Email the office here at least two days prior to the training that you’d like to attend.  

Upcoming Events of Coconino County Democratic Party

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