PA House Dems did the work! Now it’s time to MOVE the GOP-Controlled Senate on gun safety!!!

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Gun Safety Passes the PA House.

Make a donation today to help Turn PA Blue keep the pressure on the PA Senate to finally PASS common sense gun safety measures!

Friends, Great news! After years of being blocked by the GOP, the Democrat-led PA House has passed meaningful legislation to help combat gun violence: a “red-flag” law and a bill to expand background checks. These bills are heading to the PA Senate and we must keep the pressure on to make sure they are passed!

The bad news is that while the Dem House majority is working hard, the GOP-controlled Senate is hardly working. Help remind the Senate who they work for: the millions of Pennsylvanians who are demanding common sense gun regulation!

Turn PA Blue is texting constituents in swing districts to FLOOD the Senate with texts demanding the passage of common sense gun safety laws. Every $10 we raise allows us to send 250 texts. Will you pitch in $20?


In light of our gun violence epidemic, Democrats are taking meaningful action to keep Pennsylvanians safe. This is what the overwhelming majority of Pennsylvanians want and the PA House has delivered!

HB 1018, the “red flag” law, would allow law enforcement to remove a gun from individuals who make credible threats against themselves or others.

The second bill, HB 714, requires background checks for all purchasers of firearms, regardless of barrel length. This simple, but effective, change will ensure that the sale or transfer of any firearm is kept safe and legal, regardless of if the firearm was purchased through a licensed retail seller, via private transaction, or at a gun show.

The pleas of millions of people cannot continue to be addressed with “hopes and prayers.” We must DEMAND that the Senate pass these life-saving bills! 

We need your help to text voters to pressure the PA Senate to get these life-saving laws passed! Will you donate to help fund our text campaign?

Thanks for your support.
Turn PA Blue

Photo by Chip Vincent on Unsplash

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