Rogan’s List for May 30, 2023

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May 30, 2023

Unideal deal, greedy railroad companies, justice for gun victims, and more!

Contact all members of Congress:

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  • DEBT LIMIT DEAL NOT IDEALThis is not the deal we were hoping for.  We didn’t want a deal at all.  But, given the fact that the GOP has not been able to cobble together a budget plan, this debt limit deal takes the budget process off the table.  We most likely were not going to get much better than this through what would have been a long, ugly, drawn-out process.  This also takes any other debt limit debacle off the table until after the 2024 election.  It also allows us to not default next week.  In addition, it appears that far-right conservatives dislike this plan even more than liberals. Both Jay Kuo and Josh Marshall lay it out straight.  Let’s let our MoCs know that we realize that we are not in the best of all possible worlds right now and we are not at all happy with some of the details in this plan, but we’d rather get to the business of working on positive change than dealing with the fallout of a default. 
    Last weekend, an 11-year old boy named Aderrien Murry was shot in the chest by a police officer from Indianola, Mississippi after he called 911 over a domestic disturbance at his home. He suffered serious injuries but was released from the hospital Wednesday. The officer has been placed on paid leave and the incident is under investigation. Body camera footage exists, but has not been released, and Aderrien’s family is demanding they be fired and charged. Let’s make sure local officials know we want to see transparency and justice done for Aderrien, including the officer held accountable to the full extent of the law. We can reach Indianola Police Chief Ronald Sampson at 662-887-1811; Indianola Mayor Ken Featherstone at 662-887-1825 or; the district attorney for the Fourth Circuit W. Dewayne Richardson at 662-887-4306 or generalinfo@msdeltada.comand state attorney general Lynn Fitch’s office at this link.




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