NEEDS ACTION:Call Ed Case to Sign Discharge Petition

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Call Congressman Ed Case TODAY to demand that he sign the Discharge Petition and join Democrats to end the MAGA Debt Ceiling crisis.

WASHINGTON DC OFFICE:  202-225-2721 HONOLULU OFFICE: 808-650-225-2726

Last week, House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries filed Democrats’ discharge petition to force a clean debt ceiling. As of Friday morning, all Democrats except 3 have signed the petition. Representative Ed Case is among the 3 who have not signed the discharge petition and Indivisible Hawaii wants to know why.

As aptly stated by a frustrated Indivisible member trying to get through to his office, “Indivisible Hawaii members besieged Case’s office with protest phone calls which his office phone system stopped accepting. Case’s disloyalty to the Democratic Caucus, its leader and his constituents is appalling.  He is ready to cave in to GOP demands to solve their debt ceiling demands at the expense of the the world economy.”

From the White House “Potential Economic Impacts of Various Debt Ceiling Scenarios,” “There is no historical precedent for the U.S. government passing the X-date and breaching its debt ceiling without Congress raising or suspending the statutory limit on federal debt. Nevertheless, there is broad consensus amongst economists that such an event would generate an entirely-avoidable economic catastrophe. According to Moody’s, even a short debt limit breach could lead to a decline in real GDP, nearly 2 million lost jobs, and an increase in the unemployment rate to nearly 5 percent from its current level of 3.5 percent.” 

Under no circumstance should Democrats negotiate with extremist Republicans over simply paying our bills, or give in to their attempts to make cuts to the social safety net. Republicans are not good faith negotiators, and they thrive on chaos. Handing them cuts as a concession will not actually solve that problem, it will only sell out our society’s most vulnerable members. We need a clean debt ceiling bill passed and this discharge petition is the answer. We demand that Rep. Case stands with Democrats and signs on to this discharge petition.


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