North Carolina, A Must Win in 2024

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May Beneficiary Put NC First

Last Friday, April 28, the GOP-controlled North Carolina Supreme Court dropped three major voting rights decisions, all harmful outcomes for voters and democracy. The court’s new Republican majority reversed two decisions it made just last year. In doing so, the court permitted extreme partisan gerrymanders and reinstated a restrictive photo ID law. The court also upheld the state’s felony disenfranchisement law.

— Democracy Docket

Now—more than ever—Democrats must organize across all legislative districts, contest every race, and build relationships with North Carolinians.

Put NC First was formed in 2013 to breathe new life into progressive power-building in North Carolina—and so they have. Recognizing the lack of national money and attention on NC, this in-state group built a support network to fund permanent progressive infrastructure by identifying organizations that are most effective at reaching voters and ensuring they get the funding and support they need to build their programs. 

Early money means these leaders are in place a full year before election-crunch time. Donate now to fund one of North Carolina’s biggest challenges: finding qualified, trained field leaders for year-round organizing. 

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Upon donating, you will receive a Mobilize link that will allow you to register for Put NC Over the Top featuring Rep. Jamie Raskin on May 23, at 7:30. More information here.

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