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“Facing Homelessness”
An Exhibit of Sketches of our Neighbors in the Shadows
By Dr. John Curtis, Artist

In 2022, UUSP member John Curtis began sitting down with one guest during each Friday Supper at the Unitarian Universalist Church of St. Petersburg, having a conversation and sketching a portrait. You are invited to view the 17 sketches, learn about our unsheltered neighbors, and speak to Dr. Curtis, who has pursued the “why’s of homelessness” his entire life. The sketches will continue to be available for viewing until June 25, 2023; appointment required.

Sunday, April 30, 2023
Noon to 3pm
Unitarian Universalist Church of St. Petersburg
100 Mirror Lake Drive N.

For more information, contact Sabine von Aulock at or (973) 768-3256

Oppose SB1240/HB1197 Preserve Your Right To Clean Water

SB1240/HB1197 will strip counties and cities from regulating own water quality, pollution control and pollutant discharge and withhold ANY State funds if they violate it.

Contact Water Quality, Supply and Treatment Committee:
Chair Cyndi Stevenson – 850-717-5018
VChair Randy Maggard 813-780-0667
Dianne Hart 850-717-5063 D Tampa
Fabian Basabe 850-717-5106
Robert Brackett 850-717-5034
Karen Gonzalez Pittman 850-717-5065
Tobin Overdorf 850-717-5085 R Stuart
Altman Thad 850-717-1300
Melony Bell 850-717-5049
Hillary Cassel 850-717-5101 D Hollywood
Peggy Gossett-Seidman 850-717-50 R Tampa

More from the Florida Springs Council

Oppose HB1617/SB1718, Preserve Your Right To Free Association

HB1617/SB1718 – Immigration Any Floridian who assists treats,counsels, transports, instructs, etc. a person who has not completed the naturalization process is guilty of a felony.

Fiscal Policy Committee members
CHAIR Travis Hutson 850-487-5007
Nick DiCeglie 850-487-5018 Pinellas
Jay Collins 850-487-5014 Tampa
Jim Boyd 850-487-5020 Bradenton

More from the ACLU

New April 24:

Rally In Tallahassee In Support Of The Poor People’s Campaign

Fight back against attacks on poor and low-income Floridians, voting rights, healthcare, LGBTQ+ people, public education, the environment, reproductive rights, unions, and workers. Immigrants and incarcerated people.

Join the Florida Poor People’s Campaign in Tallahassee to send a message to Governor DeSantis, Florida, and the nation: We will not be silent! Will will not be divided! We won’t fall into despair but deepen our commitment to building a movement for justice and emboldening our agitation.

After signing up here, we will follow up with you with further information about free bus transportation to the rally from across the state and about the 3-day moral march from Havana, FL, to Tallahassee, which will culminate in the Mass Assembly.


Florida Poor People’s Campaign 

Sign Up For The Bus

Tell The Courts: Protect Medication Abortion Now

The Supreme Court granted a request to temporarily block a decision that severely restricted the use of mifepristone for abortion, allowing the medication to remain available at least until end of day Wednesday, April 19th.

Today’s ruling is not the end of the line in the case: Now the courts must put an end to this baseless case – which is part of anti-abortion extremists’ plan to ban abortion nationwide.

It threatens access not only to abortion and miscarriage care, but also to a wide swath of critical and life-saving medications. No matter what happens next, we know this fight is far from over.

The ruling in Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine v. FDA blocking FDA approval of mifepristone is unconscionable. Mifepristone – approved 23 years ago and used effectively by millions of people for medication abortion – is perfectly safe. Anti-abortion extremists are attempting to use the courts to ban abortion nationwide, even in states that have legal protections for abortion access. Join the ACLU and people across the country in urging the courts to reverse this harmful decision and uphold the law.

Take Action Via The ACLU

Indivisible FL-13 Contact Information:

Indivisible FL-13 is a member of the Indivisible Florida Network and the Pinellas Coalition For Immigration Justice.

👉Indivisible Florida Network

👉Pinellas Coalition For Immigration Justice Website

👉Indivisible FL-13 Website

Useful Tools:

Resist Bot, fax your representatives via text message. Text RESIST to 50409

Fax your congressperson for free at

Get action alerts from

Register to vote, vote by mail!

Florida 13 (and 14) Congressperson Phone Numbers:

Senator Marco Rubio (R):                DC (202)224-3041   Local (813)287-5035
Senator Rick Scott (R):                    DC (202) 224-5274 
Congressional District 13 (West of US 19)
Representative Anna Paulina Luna (R):     DC (202) 225-5961  Local (727) 610-3980
Congressional District 14 (East of US 19)
Representative Kathy Castor (D):     DC (202) 225-3376  Local (727) 369-0201

The last redistricting split Pinellas County down the middle along US 19 with the areas west of 34th Street in the new CD 13 and the areas east of 34th Street in CD 14 along with South Tampa. Indivisible FL-13 retains its original name but maintains the same turf, including the areas of CD 14 in Pinellas County.

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